How to create a multichannel template

A multichannel message template is a content that you send to the recipient using a channel suitable for him. Messaggio platform allows you to automatically fallback messages to the SMS channel if the recipient does not have a messenger app installed. By using multichannel messaging in your marketing campaigns, you can optimize marketing budget and be sure that your message is delivered to every customer.

You should have at least two activated Sender IDs on different channels. The most popular case is Viber + SMS channels. For example, you have clients who most likely use Viber, but some do not have this messenger. In this case, you need to create a multichannel template to reach 100% of recipients. There should be messages from your Viber Sender ID, as well as a message from the SMS Sender ID, which will be received by clients without Viber messenger.

To create a multichannel template, go to the go to the «Templates» section and click «Create».

Specify the name of the template, select a project and Sender IDs on each channel you would like to use. Messages will be sent from the selected IDs.

Then create a message content for each channel using available layouts. You can use variables in the text and links, which will be filled up with the previously imported recipient’s data. Learn more about variables in the «How to personalize a message» section.

You can find the requirements for the content and format of messages in the section «How to create a message template».

When you complete the message template creation click "Save Changes". The template will be saved as a draft. You are able to edit it anytime.

When all necessary changes and tests of the template are done, submit it to moderation. After some time the template will be activated and ready to use in multichannel dispatch. You can know more about the template activation process in the «How to activate a template» section.

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