Requirements for the content and format of WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is the world's №1 messaging app — the messenger reaches over 2 billion users. For many businesses, such as beauty, horeca, small retail and others, WhatsApp is one of the main sales channels. A business profile on WhatsApp allows you to stay in touch with your customers in the messenger they use for personal communication. To build trust with your audience using WhatsApp messaging, you need to pay attention to the content of the message. In this guide, we'll show you what you can do in Messaggio to create WhatsApp message templates.

You can use 4 layouts for your message template:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Text + button
  • Text + image + button

It is only necessary to verify the text of the message.

WhatsApp allows you to send very long messages — up to 4096 characters in any language, including emoji.

When you add emoji to the text, remember that each emoji takes several characters. For example, a smiley is 8 characters long, a heart is 7 characters long, etc.

Important! Emoji messages cannot be registered in service and transaction messages. Emoji can only be used in promotional dispatch.


WhatsApp allows sending service and non-transactional messages. Before sending, it is necessary to go through WhatsApp moderation. If the subscriber responds to a business message, a 24-hour session begins, where the company can send any messages, including promotional ones, without approval.

The maximum image size that you can use in a WhatsApp message is 1600x1200px, up to 2MB. The image can be uploaded from the device when creating the layout, or selected from the gallery of previously uploaded images.

Video materials requirements: file size up to 200 MB, 3gp, m4v, mov, mp4 format.

For information on the rules for a WhatsApp Sender ID, see the «WhatsApp Sender ID Requirements» section.

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