Do you handle customers feedback with overload?

Launch mass-sendings with Smooth messaging feature and catch all conversions with attention to every customer.

Mobile marketing

Promotions, customer care, support and consumer notifications on instant messengers.

Increase upsales

The best way to upsale brand’s services and products by using multichannel messaging.

Customer feedback

Receiving customer appraisal gives the opportunity to collect responces promptly in
a casual way.

Enhanced analytics

Messaggio real-time statistics are available not only for the “sent” and “delivered” message statuses, but also “Viewed” and so on.

How it works?

Smooth sending

When you send dispathes to a large customer base and deliver all messages instantly, there is a high probability that users will simultaneously start contacting the company to use a service or make a purchase.

Smooth sending will help protect your call center from a large flow of requests at a time. You can configure the feature in your Messaggio dashboard. To do this, use the instructions.


Scheduling a launch

Create a dispatch and schedule a date and time for sending.


Choosing an interval for messaging

Specify the time interval in which messages will be sent: from 1 to 10 hours. If “0” is selected, then all messages will be sent instantly.


Messaging launch

Save your settings and await customer requests.

Best time delivery

Deliver messages to the subscriber at the time of his greatest activity and increase the Open rate.

Each user from the customer base will receive a message when they are most likely to read the message according to Messaggio data. If there is not enough information about the recipient, the message will be delivered immediately after the start of the sending.

The platform determines the best time to deliver a message based on the accumulated messaging history, analyzes the status of delivery, views, clicks and response times in business chat to find the moments of the greatest activity of each recipient.

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