SMS Sender ID requirements

The name of the SMS Sender ID can contain numbers or Latin characters (A-Za-z0-9 .- + * () [], # _ space) from 3 to 11 characters.

To verify the right to the Sender ID, you will need the following documents:

  • Registration certificates in connection with trademarks
  • License agreement / franchise agreement
  • Certificate of registration of a legal entity
  • A document confirming the compliance of the website domain with the selected name (subject to confirmation of the rights to this website from the domain registrar)
  • Permission to use the domain from the copyright holder / agreement on the transfer of rights, if the domain owner is an individual, even if he is a director or founder of a company
  • Letter of guarantee, if the telecom carrier is MTS (only for individual entrepreneurs, letters from legal entities are not necessary).

Submit documents to your personal manager.

Fill in all the fields following the prompts on the interface. Click «Send for moderation».

After activation, the Sender ID will be considered approved by the telecom carrier.

Once the Sender ID is activated, you can start creating your message template.

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