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Viber coverage

Communicate with customers in Viber

Use Viber Business Messages to be closer to your customers: send important notifications and keep chat communication.

Viber provides great opportunities for branding and business! Your company Sender ID can be named in any language, has logo, verification badge, business description and contacts details.

Viber Messaging for business Viber Messaging for business
Viber business messages (example) Business Viber messages (what it looks like)

Global coverage

After the approval (typically process takes 2 business days) branded Sender Name may be utilized to send A2P messages to any destination Worldwide.

Native 2WAY

Businesses may use native 2WAY Sender IDs for interaction and receiving feedback from users, just like using long-code SMS A2P.

Rich content

Emojis, special characters, images, buttons, and extended statuses are optionally available for your business. Message text contains up to 1000 symbols, and it doesn’t depend on the language.

Extended statuses

Fastest & reliable DLR message statuses: accepted, rejected, delivered, etc. Viber processes business messages in less than 3 seconds or answers “not Viber user”. There is no charge for undelivered requests.

Branded Sender ID

Company name and logo icon are visually recognizable in the conversations list. Business chat is highlighted with the green mark “V” (Verified) next to the Sender ID in dialogues list.

Push notification

Business notifications attract user attention and compel users to read them, even if Viber is not the primary chat app but just installed on the phone. This option increases Viber’s audience coverage up to 99%.

Viber business messaging (Messaggio)

Appearance testing

Test the appearance of the business message on your phone before using it in mass-sendings or API notification.

Template constructor

Use the template constructor to create rich notification content with emojis, personalization and link tracking.

Message preview

Create multichannel message templates and see the result in the preview.

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Use a powerful template constructor to create beautiful multichannel business notifications

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Messaggio Dashboard for Viber messaging

Multiuser mode

Invite colleagues to use Messaggio together.

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Import of contact groups

Import a contact database from Excel of any size and in any encoding.

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Cascading messages

Optimize your marketing budget by re-sending messages to the user’s favorite channel.

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Statistics and analytics

Use statistics on business messages in real time: statuses of sending, delivery, views and clicks.

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How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

Select the message volume per month and company type

Select the message volume per month and company type

What type of messages do you want to send?

What type of messages do you want to send?

Please check all that apply.

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

Please check all that apply.

What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

How can we contact you?

How can we contact you?

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Tell us about the tasks of your business, and Messaggio’s manager will contact you to fid the best solution.

How to start a Viber campaign?


Create account

Sign up to Messaggio for free, no credit card required.

Create account

Submit Viber Sender ID

Choose the brand name and phone number for Viber messaging.

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Launch Viber business messaging

Start using chat dashboard or set up API or plugin integration to your system.

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Viber Plugins & Modules

Easy integration without code! Try business messaging plugins for popular CRM, website and online shop management systems.

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Customer Case: Diamandino

How Diamandino achieved a 848% ROAS using a Viber messaging campaign

To set up a Viber messaging campaign, you need to:

  • register an account in the messaging service
  • create Viber Sender ID
  • create messaging template
  • upload subscribers database
  • send messaging campaign
  • evaluate business results
All this you can do through the simple Messaggio interface.

In Viber, you can send two types of messages: promotional and transactional. For promotional messages, Viber has a number of subject restrictions. For information about what messages are prohibited from sending to Viber, read the Messaggio knowledge base, in “Requirements for the content and format of Viber messages” section.

The price of a Viber messaging depends on the type of messages and the country. Tariffs for Viber messaging in Malta:

  • Promotion — 0,002 € per Viber message
  • Transaction — 0,0035 € per Viber message
You only pay for delivered business messages. Find out more about pricing in other countries.

Yes, for this you need to connect Messaggio Chat via support service.

For those customers who do not have Viber, business messages can be automatically redirected to SMS. To do this, in Messaggio you can create a multi-channel message template and set the sending order. Thanks to this function, when starting a Viber sending, business messages will be delivered to all contacts from the database.

Yes, messaging in Viber involves a monthly fee:

  • 199 €/month for sending to Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Ukraine or sending to several countries
  • 149 €/month per month if messaging will be carried out in other countries
However, this amount includes the cost of messages. If the cost of the volume of messages is beyond the monthly fee, their delivery must be paid additionally.

Sender ID is the name from which the client receives the message. The name of the sender is usually the name of the brand. Without registering the Sender ID, you will not be able to launch a Viber messaging campaign. In addition, the Sender ID must meet the Viber requirements.

You can create a name in your Messaggio account. Activating the Sender ID in Viber will take 1-5 days. After successful activation, the name will receive a verification badge.

Yes, you can send video files to users in Viber Business Messages. There are different types of messages available:

  • video
  • video + text
  • video + text + button
Allowed video formats: 3gp, m4v, mov and mp4. Maximum size: 200 MB.

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