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Conversational Marketing: Advantages and Methods of Increasing Sales

The e-commerce ecosystem cannot work without communication with customers. Instant messengers are used for such communications more and more. This approach is known as conversational marketing. Let’s find out how conversational marketing works, what tasks it solves, and what makes it important for business.

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WhatsApp Interactive Messages, and How to Use Them

If your company uses WhatsApp Business API, you already have access to robust message marketing features — you just need to uncover their full potential. Among these tools are WhatsApp Interactive Messages. Here’s our guide on how to use them effectively.

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How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Campaign Correctly

WhatsApp instant messenger is regularly used by 2,2 billion people. Among them are your business’ potential customers. We will go over the ways to send them an effective messaging campaign and establish communication via WhatsApp. Also, your business can save money and not get banned on WhatsApp.

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What is RCS Messaging and How to Use It in Business?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It’s a messaging protocol aimed at enhancing SMS and MMS features. In this article we explain how RCS works and what RCS messaging means for marketing and business.

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Retention Rate: How to Keep Customers Through Messaging Campaigns

Customer Retention Rate, also known simply as retention, is a product metric that reflects the level of client activity, engagement, and loyalty to the brand. Companies tend to increase retention, because finding new customers costs at least 5 times more than retaining regular ones. In this article we explain how to calculate the Customer Retention Rate for your product and increase customer retention using messenger marketing.