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What is RCS messaging and how to use it in business?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It’s a messaging protocol aimed at enhancing SMS and MMS features. In this article we explain how RCS works and what RCS messaging means for marketing and business.

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Retention Rate: How to Keep Customers Through Messaging Campaigns

Customer Retention Rate, also known simply as retention, is a product metric that reflects the level of client activity, engagement, and loyalty to the brand. Companies tend to increase retention, because finding new customers costs at least 5 times more than retaining regular ones. In this article we explain how to calculate the Customer Retention Rate for your product and increase customer retention using messenger marketing.

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How to Choose a Mass SMS Texting Platform

SMS marketing sustains customer loyalty. Businesses use SMS to spread the word about promotions, as well as send personalized offers, reminders, or even payment documents. When dealing with message marketing, you can’t do without mass texting platforms that support sending thousands of messages per second across a customer database. We will go over their useful features and explain how to choose the one that’s best for your business.

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10 Universal Reasons to Send Mass SMS Texts to your Clients

Bulk SMS texting is one of the most reliable tools in digital marketing. The open rate for incoming SMS texts is 98%, and conversion can reach a rate of 45%. We go over the strengths of mass SMS texting for business and provide 10 reasons to send SMS to clients.

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Triggered SMS Messaging: Examples and Setting

Internet marketing’s focus is rapidly moving from attracting new users in mass to personal work with every attracted user. One of the personalized marketing tools is triggered SMS. We’ll explain what triggered SMS messaging is, what makes it useful for business, and how one sets it up.