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Mobile Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

Many small business have the unique challenge of having the owner both run the company and be responsible for marketing.

This is comment in restaurants and bars and many owners have found that multichannel texting is one of the quickest, easiest and moots effective ways of putting their business in the public eye.

Ways to attract interest

A great way of creating some interesting among customers is by creating a VIP programme. This makes customers feel valued and therefore more likely to sign up to receive texts. It is worthwhile always making sure they get something special for doing so in terms of offers and so on, but also keep the messages mixed and varied to retain engagement.

Coupons and Special Offers

Using coupons and offers are a good strategy if you want to drive trade into the restaurant on days when things are a little slow. For example, offering a coupon that is redeemable in the middle of the week is helpful to boost trade on those days. Ensuring that the customer knows they must make a minimum spend to obtain the discount means the business won’t end up losing money. Of course, these coupons (you are able to send them via Viber, Google RCS or WhatsApp) would only be available to those who sign up for the text campaign which is another incentive for people to join.

Dish of the Day (or Week)

Offer something special just for the people who take advantage of the text program. If you can couple this up with picture messaging so much the better. Restaurant owners find that by doing so they can increase sales, there is extra footfall and the food sells out faster than at other times.

Special Events

If your restaurant does special events like cocktail evenings or live music this can be publicised easily via a text marketing programme. Messages can be sent by Multichannel Messaging Platform at the beginning of the week with a couple of reminders following up just to build excitement. Obviously, this can be coupled with an offer too and can also be cross-promoted in other areas like websites and newsletters.

It is well worth considering a mobile multichannel marketing campaign for your restaurant – it has helped many small to medium sized companies increase and maintain their clientele.

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