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Mobile marketing for exhibitions and conferences

If events are a key part of your marketing strategy it makes sense that you want to fill the event hall to capacity. So how can you reduce the number of no-shows and maximise attendance at your events?

Multichannel messaging is proven to be one of the most effective tools in event management in allowing allow for maximized attendance and to keep all the delegates informed and up to date.

If you doubt that there is a place for Viber, SMS or WhatsApp in the event manager’s toolkit you only need to take in some of the statistics concerning our use of mobile phones. Statistics show that most messages, around 98%, are read and that 90% of them are read within 3 seconds of their arrival on the recipient’s mobile. The mobile phone is a key part of modern life – statistically every person looks at their phone over 150 times a day. Just those figures alone demonstrate that multichannel messaging is an undeniably powerful way of keeping in touch with event delegates.

In modern business SMS and Viber now has a well-earned a place at each customer contact stage but it is especially useful when organising events. Viber reminders help people to keep up to speed with developments but also reminds them of their commitment to attend. It does not have to be a huge conference, multichannel messaging works well for briefings, receptions and even online webinars.

Reminders build the excitement for events

Events like conferences and meetings take a lot of time, money and effort to arrange so you need to make sure your business gets a good return on your investment. Sending reminders on Viber, WhatsApp or Google RCS is a great way to boost attendance and raise awareness of your brand, and it won’t break the bank.

Any well organised event planner will have sent out invitations months in advance and the guests will have responded at the time. However, the longer the time between the invitations being sent and the event, the more chance guests may forget the details. Sending a personalised multichnannel message at various intervals before the event and a final reminder of the details a few days beforehand will keep them interested and make them much more excited about attending the event.

Send guests all the essential information and increase attendance

Using Viber for Business, WhatsApp Business API or Google RCS you can send ticket number, QR-code image, directions and event start times direct to your guests. A well timed message will keep them informed and ensure everyone arrives on time.

Multichannel mobile marketing is something that is becoming popular with businesses both large and small and that is largely due to its fast, cost-effective and personal nature. However it is imperative that it is used well to gain the maximum impact.

SMS is perfectly suited for sending out any last minute updates, changes or even to warn guests of any traffic issues near the venue. Sending bulk SMS is almost instantaneous messaging lending itself perfectly to rapidly changing situations which can often be a feature of live meetings and events. Even when guests have left for the venue messages can still reach them quickly so you can be sure they are as up to date with developments as possible. Have any last minute tickets remaining? If you have spaces left a timely bulk multichannel messaging could be the thing that fills those last few empty spaces.

Saying thank you and asking for feedback

A thank you to your guests will go a long way to creating a great image for you brand, and is a really low cost way of getting feedback from visitors who still have the event fresh in their mind. It can also give you the chance to promote any merchandise or online material associated with the event. Keeping your organisation in the forefront of their minds. You are able to use 2WAY Sender ID on Viber, WhatsApp or Google RCS.

Develop a multichannel approach

It is always worthwhile using multiple ways to communicate with your clients in order to boost the results of any marketing event. Multichannel platform allow you to use Viber and SMS together whilst managing all your campaigns in one location are a great way of increasing the efficacy of your targeted communications. If you currently use SMS, adding Viber Business integration can really enhance your results. Ultimately Viber is the fastest, simplest and most cost effective way to reach large numbers of your clients and is an essential addition to your event marketing strategy.

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