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Mobile marketing in IT Sector

API coding makes accurate, real time multichannel messaging a reality.

No matter what the size of your company or your sector of expertise multichannel messaging (Viber, WhatsApp or RCS with SMS) will be of benefit to any business in the IT sector. By using a company that can provide API integration your company can obtain many benefits from mobile messaging, the most simple and direct way to communicate both inside your company and externally to your customers and suppliers.

There are a variety of areas where SMS or Viber messaging can work well in IT – sending real time alerts from websites, databases, servers and so on to staff, right through to multichannel notification messages telling customers that their machine is fixed and ready for collection.If you have a big online presence or are a corporation that uses internal networks it is likely that you have some form of software that constantly monitors your systems. If there is any problem the system will send out an alert to the relevant staff so that they can take action and these messages are often transmitted via any popular messenger like Viber, WhatsApp or via SMS.

Using a bulk multichannel messaging service to enhance internal communication is not its only application, it is also a great way to stay in touch with your customers and to market and grow your business. Customers can be targeting with alerts for software upgrades, details of where they can download these, be given the most up-to-date cyber security warnings and details of how to get help if needed.

There are endless ways in which multichannel bulk messaging can produce value and results for the IT sector:

Alerting personnel of system failures

Multichannel (Viber or Google RCS) alerts can be sent to the relevant staff as soon as any problem is picked up within the network simply by applying some specific. Of course, it can also be used for peace of mind to confirm that your system is running normally.

PC repair notifications

Customers can receive a timely text message to let them know their machine has been repaired and is ready for collection. They can also be reminded of the costs and the opening times of the store.
Multichannel messages can allow attachments enabling you to give customers information about the repairs carried out and the individual costs, for example, by sending a PDF.

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SMS messaging

The most common communication channel, for both mass-sendings and trigger notifications.

Viber Business Messages

A wide range of business tools: in-app advertising, notifications and chat with clients in the messenger.

WhatsApp Business API

Chatting and interactive notification messages in one of the most popular instant messengers.