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Send notifications from your CRM, eShop or App, keep chatting with customers via SMS, Viber, WhatsApp or RCS!

  • Customer notifications
  • Mobile marketing campaigns
  • Chatting with customers
  • Messaging via API or plugins

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Messaggio Dashboard

Register the Sender’s ID, create a message template, customize message personalization, timing and smoothness of sending, and launch service or promotional messaging campaign.

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Messaggio Chats

Connect business accounts in messengers to Messaggio — provide customer support from a single interface.

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Text message examples

Use SMS prepared by Messaggio to stay in touch with customers and achieve high Click rates.

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Messaging calculator

Calculate your messaging budget: find out the cost of sending to your customer base.

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How It Works?

Here are the 3 working steps on success.


Use Messaggio Dashboard

Send omnichannel customer notifications and promo campaigns using powerful dashboard.


Install messaging plugin to your CRM or eShop

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Set up Messaggio API to your application

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Create Messaggio account
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What business tools are available in viber?

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Join Messaggio and get Business Sender ID for SMS, Viber or WhatsApp

Free plans available, choose your plan and start messaging today. Integrate messaging API or use Messaggio marketing campaign manager.