How to add contacts to deliver the messages

To send a dispatch to the contact base, you need to create a contact group for messaging. To do this, click «Select contact groups» in the «Recipients» section. Then click «Create group». You will be redirected to the «Contact groups» section. For information on how to upload contacts to a group, see the section «How to upload a contact database».

If you already have a group of contacts to deliver the messages, select it when creating a dispatch in the "Recipients" section. Click «Add selected».

You can add several groups to one dispatch, as well as combine them with blacklists. For information on how to work with contact groups for exclusion, see the section «How to create a blacklist of contacts».

Check the list of selected groups and click «Create».

Your dispatch will appear in the messaging list with the NEW status. You can start sending it right now or schedule the messaging for a specific date and time. You can also define the time for which messages will be delivered to the recipient base. For more information on scheduling a dispatch, see the sections «How to schedule a dispatch» and «How to make a smooth sending».


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