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Multichannel messaging for Travel and Tourism Companies

Nowadays, if we travel anywhere we are well aware of the need to use technology. Our phones have become essential travel items, from the research and planning stages right through to when we arrive at our destinations.

When we travel we will be taking our technology along for the ride – our smartphones go where we go and create and easier, more convenient and personalised travel experience. Our phone now contains everything we need; our plans, directions, maps and our boarding passes all come with us on the device as we travel around the world, and more people travel today than ever before.

Encourage travellers to book with your company

The key point for the travel and tourism companies is that almost everyone loves what they have on offer so they have no need to go for the hard sell, and people often want to travel as much as possible. Even when people are saving up to travel they are looking at maps, researching and getting excited. By using multichannel mobile marketing a travel company can target travellers by highlighting their own special offers such as hotel discounts, travel packages and so on, and initiate a campaign at the time when people are looking into booking a holiday.

RCS message can be there every step of the way

From sending out information about special offers, right through to booking confirmations and boarding passes and even once the customer reaches their destination, RCS messages can be there alongside them every step of the way. In fact, the Viber and SMS service can become a key part of their holiday experience. You can add value for your customers by sending them some useful information about their destination, things to do, what to take, and highlight any events that are happening during their stay. All of these added-value services means that the customer will remember your company, what a great experience they had, and want to book with you again.

Opportunities to Upsell

Once you have established an multichannel campaign it is easy to highlight new services and products via targeting tailored links to additional services, options and so on. Linking clients to things like car rentals, excursion offers and upgrades add yet more value to their experience with your company.

Travel updates in real time

SMS and RCS messages are delivered immediately – even when you are out of the country. That makes them the best way to send time sensitive information. Things like delayed flights, bad weather, or a strike can be related to the customer straight away, hopefully giving them time to avoid a problem. Keeping your customers in the loop is one of the key ways to keep them happy and avoid having jammed telephone lines in your customer service centre. This is true whether you are a large company or a small one, a travel portal, tour operator or major airline.

After sales service and customer satisfaction

Once the customer has returned home it is important to continue to engage them with your company – sending multichannel messages on Viber, Google RCS or WhatsApp thanking them for choosing to book with you, asking for satisfaction ratings and feedback on all aspects of their trip are just as essential to maintain customer satisfaction.

Benefits of SMS Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Here are just a few of the many reasons why multichannel mobile marketing is such a great innovation for the tourism industry:

  • Multichannel messages enjoy high open rates. If you compare the results of an email marketing campaign with that of an multichannel marketing campaign it is easy to see why you should choose Viber, WhatsApp or RCS. The best email campaigns have an open rate of between 10% and 30%, whereas for text messages the figure shoots up to 95%! If you want to get it seen, send it by text.
  • Multichannel messages and simple and direct. Smartphones have become an important part of peoples everyday lives and most of us now own a phone. Rich content messages are a simple, interactive, no frills way of getting your message directly into a recipients hands.
  • Multichannel messages are only sent to people who have actually expressed an interest in receiving them, you can easily make it personal, and it makes people feel more connected to your company.

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