SMS marketing campaigns
and service notifications

Create an account for free and send SMS campaigns from a functional dashboard, via a plugin or API.

Send SMS anywhere in the world

SMS is an effective and proven channel for communication with customers: users trust SMS as a reliable message to confirm the transaction.

Use SMS via Messaggio: report order status, delivery and payment, inform about promotions, bonuses, new products or congratulate customers on the holidays.

  • Delivery to all mobile devices
  • Message text in any language
  • Easy-to-use SMS template builder
  • High sending speed – up to 7000 rps
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Messaggio special features for bulk SMS

Easy-to-use Messaggio dashboard provides many tools for creating and sending SMS messages, and viewing statistics in real time.

Use the platform’s special features: increase the conversion rate of SMS campaigns and increase user engagement.

Delivery messages at the moment of greatest user’s activity. Messaggio determines the best time to send a message based on the subscriber’s accumulated messaging history.

Specify the date and period in which messages will be sent: instantly or within a few hours. Control the flow of requests and quickly respond to incoming messages.

Find the best message template. Test hypotheses and find effective solutions for titles, message texts, images, and buttons.

Use 12 variables to make your message more targeted and build trust with the user.

Hide the long link and UTM tags in an attractive URL. Consider clicks on links and buttons to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.


Create account

Sign up to Messaggio for free, no credit card required.

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Submit SMS Sender ID

Choose the brand name and phone number for SMS messaging.

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Launch SMS business messaging

Start using chat dashboard or set up API or plugin integration to your system.

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SMS Plugins & Modules

Easy integration without code! Try business messaging plugins for popular CRM, website and online shop management systems.

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Features for Enterprise

The Messaggio API allows to send messages at default speed of 600 rps and above. The functional integration protocol makes it possible to route transactional messages in different channels – not only in SMS, but also in WhatsApp or Viber.

  • Direct and fast connections with mobile operators.
  • Using up to date mobile number portability database to keep delivery quality.
  • Checking SMS texts for template match on-the-fly.
  • SMS integration to web application via custom API.

Messaggio dashboard for SMS messaging

Multiuser mode

Invite colleagues to use Messaggio together.

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Import of contact groups

Import a contact database from Excel of any size and in any encoding.

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Cascading messages

Optimize your marketing budget by re-sending messages to the user’s favorite channel.

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Statistics and analytics

Use statistics on messages in real time: statuses of sending, delivery, views and clicks.

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How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

Select the message volume per month and company type

Select the message volume per month and company type

What type of messages do you want to send?

What type of messages do you want to send?

Please check all that apply.

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

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What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

How can we contact you?

How can we contact you?

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Tell us about the tasks of your company, and Messaggio’s manager will contact you to find the best solution.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In basic terms it is something that allows applications to talk to each other through one interface. This I done using applications like Mobile Connect. In this case the API is called through the internet connection and can then be used for any other application. This could be a mobile phone that is connected to the internet or a website.

Put simply, Representational State Transfer (REST) is a way that different computers or systems talk to each other on the internet. REST API uses this architecture to deliver good performance and rapid communication between systems.

If your application is internet-enabled you can use Mobile connect. To use it you must have an internet browser and that is connected to Mobile Connect. This is known as the Identity Gateway and is where the user logs in with their individual network operator.
If you are a developer we recommend that you go on to your developer portal and access the SDK. If you are developing an application but do not have an SDK then we recommend that you use Mobile Connect’s REST API. In your developer portal there are guides showing how to use APIs, how they work and their applications, and an API reference is supplied. For more information on how to use the APIs check Mobile Connect’s test applications.

At the present time the mobile connect authentication service is quite simple, although this may become more sophisticated over time.
Once they have completed their authentication process the operator will provide a Pseudo-anonymous Customer Reference (PCR).

This will provide a unique identifier without revealing the user’s personal data. Some operators have already begun to offer extra services and they should be contacted directly for information about the additional functionality they are providing.

Although the service may be used on any device that is connected to the internet, the user must have a device with a SIM in order for authentication to be possible. The Mobile Connect account is directly linked to the SIM card which is provided and managed by the network operator.

API Credentials are essential because they allow the user to see what or who is initiating the request to Mobile Connect. The credentials are unique to your applications and they also allow the operator to see where the request is originating from The operator’s identity gateway will then use the API to give the relevant authentication for your request, apply any operator policies relating to access and also guard against potentially fraudulent access.

For security reasons it is best that any API request comes from the server side. This is the case for either iOS or Android applications. Using things like iCloud keychain, and code obfuscation should be utilized in order to obscure any API calls you may make at the client’s location.

That said, sometimes an API call must be placed from within the client’s environment. An example of this is the Discovery API request or making a call as part of the API authorization process with Mobile Connect. However, the secret part of the process should be done via the service.

You should also ensure that any of your code, either client or server side that will be making API calls uses SSL certificate checks. This is help prevent outside attacks if the WiFi network is note secure.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) must be considered if the service provider (you) use Mobile Connect for an end user who is either a citizen of the EEA (EU) or who has subscribed to an EEA based network operator. MSISDN is considered personal data and so therefore it must not be transferred outside of the EEA. This can happen in practice simply because there are so many data centers globally and these provide the Discovery Service. Of course some of these are located in regions outside the EEA in order to serve users in those areas. To invoke Discover you need to use the URL which will ensure that all data is sent to and processed at a center within the EU.

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