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Mobile messaging for logistics

In the modern world customer expectations are high and never more so than with their expectation that logistics companies provide a timely and efficient delivery service. However, the system remains imperfect and it is still the case that people often miss deliveries.

This can cause a lot of frustration and inconvenience if the customer then has to travel to the main depot to obtain their delivery, or if the product has been returned to sender, having to start the order process over again.

In order to solve this ongoing issue and provide a much more effective and efficient service logistics companies need to be able to communicate with clients in an easier and timely manner, and this is where a mobile messaging service can really help.

Communicating with drivers who are constantly on the move and providing real time updates on delivery status to the customers who are waiting for deliveries is done instantly via text message. The messages go direct to the person who needs the information and helps prevent the frustration of missing an important delivery.

Real Time Delivery Updates

Your customers can ensure that they are available to receive the parcel if they receive a timely message (on Viber, SMS or WhatsApp) confirming the arrival time.

Reduce missed deliveries and unnecessary trips

Customers can text to rearrange a delivery if the schedule is not convenient. This not only means they don’t risk missing a delivery it is also avoiding costly wasted trips by delivery drivers.

Order tracking

By supplying your customers with a shortened link your text message can send them to a tracking page on your website. The link provides full reporting so you know the customer is aware and the customer is in the loop as to the estimated delivery time.

Automated messaging

Every stage of the delivery can be tracked and reported using API technology meaning that both the business and the customer can keep track of the delivery at dispatch, depot arrival and delivery.

Feedback collection

Using a multichannel messaging service that provides data capture forms gives a business access to important information about their service or their customers.

Use anytime and anywhere

A business can compose messages at any time using a service that provides Viber, Google RCS, SMS or WhatsApp messaging via API integration. The messages can be scheduled so they are sent at the appropriate time.

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SMS messaging

The most common communication channel, for both mass-sendings and trigger notifications.

Viber Business Messages

A wide range of business tools: in-app advertising, notifications and chat with clients in the messenger.

WhatsApp Business API

Chatting and interactive notification messages in one of the most popular instant messengers.