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Powerful multichannel messaging platform


Messaggio provides direct connections to 500+ carriers worldwide and to the messenger apps: Viber, WhatsApp, Google RCS, Facebook Messenger, VK.com, processing over 3 billion requests a month with the highest service level in the industry at 7000 RPS per channel.

Highload Multichannel Messaging Platform messaggio.com provides enterprises for One-Time Services (OTP,2FA,A2P) as well as for interactive marketing campaigns.

Scalable and developer-friendly traffic processing systems enable customers to verify codes, authenticate users, send any kind of notifications, and boost customer engagement at low costs on A2P delivery.
Head office resides in Malta, local representatives and subsidiaries are located in:
Western Europe: Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, Estonia
Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia
MENA: UAE, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan
APAC: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

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Messaging market till now

  • 1

    SMS messaging

    prior to 2017

    The SMS notification service has been and still is a standard way to notify customers, the most effective tool for mobile marketing. A large number of related technologies contribute to the organization of high-quality message delivery: MNP services, messaging platforms, delivery testing services, Verified SMS, and so on. Despite the great activity of OTT messengers, SMS remains a popular way of communication.

  • 2

    ChatBots era


    The development of neural networks, increasing the availability of mobile Internet and the spread of smartphones provided an excellent field for the activities of OTT messengers: more and more marketing tools for business have begun to include brand interaction with the client through the chatbot via multiple communication channels.

  • 3

    Viber business messaging


    Viber messenger has established itself as the most friendly to mass messaging OTT messenger. Many companies started their journey and gained experience in multichannel communications due to Viber business messages.

  • 4

    WhatsApp business API


    The technological and flexible mobile marketing market is always open to new and functional solutions that allow brands to be on the same wave with their customers and provide customer support in modern ways. WhatsApp Business API is a promising technology that has yet to reach its potential and bring new user experience to our world.

  • 5

    RCS business messaging


    RCS is a new standard for communication between mobile users (P2P), as well as an approved standard for the interaction of brands with their customers. GSMA as the largest association of mobile carriers has developed a universal protocol that should replace usual SMS for everyone. A lot of new features including Rich Business Messaging that were previously available only to OTT messengers users will be a reality for the brands.



The speed and quality of message delivery are some of the most important characteristics of a messaging service provider. We serve a distributed processing platform that allows to send bulk messages at speed up to 7,000 rps. We provide our integration protocols, and are ready to support custom APIs for sending messages.



The Messaggio platform supports a lot of messaging channels: Viber, WhatsApp, RCS, SMS and so on. Each of them provides the business with B2C functionality to reach their customers. Our mission is to provide all business communication opportunities in a convenient way.



The platform is distributed among three data centers, which allows to maintain stability and high speed of sending messages.