Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Verification number via incoming call

Use Flash Call technology to confirm a user’s action. The last 4 digits of the incoming phone number make up the verification code. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Phone number confirmation without SMS or a monthly fee

Flash Call service is an alternative to SMS One-Time Password (OTP) for user verification.

Instead of an SMS, the user receives a call from a phone number, where the last 4 digits of the number are the authorization code. Flash Call will help users to quickly and affordably verify passwords or contact information, improving the customer experience.

  • Savings: Flash Call is 5 times cheaper than SMS
  • Speed: Flash Call arrives within 10 seconds after request
  • Versatility: Flash Calls are received by subscribers all over the world, regardless of the operator
  • Flexibility: You have the ability to customize the interval and lifetime of Flash Calls

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Flash Call verification

Use Flash Call technology for verification and confirmation when a customer:
  • Logs in by phone number
  • Submits profile for approval
  • Accesses Wi-Fi network
  • Connects loyalty program
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Verification via code in SMS

Confirmation of user actions over a one-time code. More about SMS sending

Verification via Mobile ID

Confirmation of user actions over a PIN.

More about Mobile ID


Frequently Asked Questions about Flash Call

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Flash Call is a technology for delivering codes to verify users on a site or in an application via auto-dialing. Flash Call is a cheaper and more versatile alternative to verification via SMS.
  1. To confirm actions on the site or in the application, the system asks for the user’s phone number.
  2. The user enters his/her phone number and then receives an incoming call, where the last 4 digits of the caller’s number are the authorization code.
  3. The user enters the code and confirms the action on the site or in the application.
A significant advantage with this method of code delivery, is that the tool can be used to authenticate the user both online and offline. Flash Call is suitable for
  • Online platforms confirming login to a personal profile
  • Connection to a Wi-Fi network
  • Login confirmation in mobile applications
  • Retail loyalty card activations or applying bonus points when paying at the checkout

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