Verified SMS by Google

On-the-fly transformation of the regular Android SMS messages to attractive branded header and content.

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[pll_text text=' Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.']

Reliable campaigns

Bulk messaging to customers with promo-codes, discounts or stock updates in a trustworthy form to support the campaigns.

Trusted notifications

Messages with branded header, company logo, markups and embedded links ensure reliability of the content.

OTP verification

One-time SMS codes for verification combined with authorized Sender ID provide an additional level of user assurance.

Verified SMS

SMS texts are effective and engaging, and nearly 100% of your customers will read them within minutes. No matter whether it’s a conversation about buying a product, filling out an application for a loan, technical support questions, or getting notifications about orders, SMS is a perfect way to contact your customers.

Sending a Verified SMS message via Messaggio to Android devices gives your customers confidence that it’s certainly from your company. Messaggio fulfills this automatically in connection with Google verification platform, so your messages appear with your organization brand at the very top of your customers’ messages with your logo right next to the message.

Verified SMS via Messaggio goes through cellular carrier services just as any regular SMS message. Verification process validates the checksum and authentication key with Google platform, integrated in Android Messages to ensure the message is legitimate.
  • Having submitted a Verified SMS sender, Messaggio generates a unique authentication key and transfers it to Google. The key is a one-way hash, so Google can’t obtain any data regarding the recipient or message content.
  • The content of Verified SMS message is delivered via the carrier, so common carrier rules are applied.
  • When the recipient receives the message, the Android Messenger app computes an authentication key on its side and sends a verification request to Google to confirm sender’s validity.

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Banking & Finance

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