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Multichannel messaging in Finance and Banking

Multichannel messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication with customers in the finance and banking sectors. This kind of rapid direct communication is perfect for a sector that handles confidential and time-sensitive customer information.

As a result multichannel mobile marketing methods are being adopted into standard communication strategy planning across the sector.

Fraud management

The use of RCS, SMS or Viber messaging has been a key factor in managing the risk of fraud. Consumers have mobile phone access almost constantly meaning that any unusual activity or change in an account can be checked with the customer almost immediately. In addition mobile phones are not reliant of web access or operating systems to receive SMS messages, making them a reliable and rapid method by which to confirm that new activity on an account is not fraudulent.

Customer loyalty

Customers like to be able to contact an organisation cheaply and easily and Viber Business messaging lends itself to this perfectly. Being able to notify customers of changes, reminders and sending updates and statements adds value to the customer and produces a send of loyalty to an organisation or brand by significantly improving customer relationships.

Along with it’s many customer related benefits, from an organisational perspective RCS or WhatsApp messaging for Business provides and an efficient and cost effective way to keep in touch with your customers. Bulk multichannel messages can be sent for a fraction of the time and cost of phone calls or emails.

Benefits of Multichannel messaging

The use of multichannel messaging in the finance and banking sector brings a number of benefits:

  • Easy customer access to account balance/statements
  • Provides alerts to help prevent fraud
  • Notifies customer of changes to policy terms, interest rates or charges
  • Provides timely policy renewal notifications
  • Keeps customers up to date with the process of claims
  • The creation of greater brand awareness and customer loyalty via the use of multichannel mobile marketing

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