Messaggio Chat

Communicate with customers via messengers in one interface

Messaggio Chat features

Simplify the customer support process and sell more


Communication with the client is concentrated in a convenient messenger for him. This allows you to make the most personalized and unobtrusive up-sales. You will be in touch even when the client has left the site.


Solution of technical and organizational issues. Support during sale and accounting, advice on goods and services. Messengers allow you to attach files, making workflow easier.

Increase of the CR

The chat always remains in the visible area of the screen, which contributes to an increase in the number of requests to the company. This helps the customer to make a purchase, which leads to an increase in conversion.

Loyalty growth

The opportunity to work the negativity off in a personal dialogue will reduce the number of bad reviews on public platforms. A good reputation attracts new customers retains existing ones.

Increase in repeat sales

A quick response to customer requests and maintaining a dialogue with him increases his activity, involvement in the company’s products. An interested customer more likely comes back for shopping.

Automation of processes

Working with orders will become faster and easier. Templates, tagging, and dialogue redirection within the company free you from routine tasks and speed up the ticket processing.

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