Viber Sender ID Requirements

Viber Sender ID must be no more than 35 characters in any language.

Message type and service integration type

When creating a Viber Sender ID, you need to specify messaging details: the type of traffic to send and the type of Sender ID integration.

  • Message type
    • Transactional — messages that are private for the user (for example, a unique code for confirming payment).
    • Promotional — any other messages.

Add examples of messages you are going to send below.

  • Integration type
    • Broadcast (1WAY) - The recipient cannot reply to business messages.
    • Chat (2WAY) - the recipient can reply to business messages.

Choose the parameters that suit your needs.

Company details

Specify the Service Registered Country and company type. Your site should contain information that the company operates in this particular country.

Prepare a company official letter in English and Russian, in which the company agrees to comply with the Viber messaging rules and applicable laws. The format of the letter is pdf.

You can ask your personal manager for an example of a letter.

Upload the letter to your personal account in a special form.

After filling in all the fields, click «Send for moderation».

When the Sender ID will be activated, it will be considered approved by Viber and will receive a verification checkmark.

Once the Sender ID is activated, you can start creating your message template.

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