Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Customer care and notifications:
WhatsApp Business Messaging

Improve your service notifications and customer care with
messaging in WhatsApp — send messages with buttons,
media and files, keep online chat communication with customers
on behalf of your branded WhatsApp sender ID. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Multimedia content

The message may contain an image, video file, document or geolocation. Huge opportunities for message template design!

Interactive communication

WhatsApp Sender ID has two-way communication capability by default. A client can write a message first, or in response to a notification.

Global coverage

WhatsApp occupies a leading positions in penetration rate in many countries. The only Sender ID allows to send messages in any country.

Enhanced analytics

Messaggio real-time statistics are available not only for the “sent” and “delivered” message statuses, but also “Viewed” and so on.

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New era of business messaging:
closer to the client

Correspondence in messengers is a common thing that sets its own context for communication: immediacy, brevity and usefulness.

The modern format of communication inclines businesses to be presented not only in the form of a website, a hotline number or an office address.

The business Sender ID in WhatsApp is the same showcase and face of the brand. It is becoming a good practice to support customers through online chat, launch WhatsApp marketing campaigns and send important interactive notifications to the messenger.

  • Up to 4096 symbols in any language
  • Free b2c messaging within 24h period after user’s reply
  • Brand Sender ID may be labeled as “Verified”
  • Rich media content (images, files, videos, audios)

How to start a WhatsApp campaign?


Create account

Sign up to Messaggio for free, no credit card required.

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Submit WhatsApp Sender ID

Choose the brand name and phone number for WhatsApp messaging.

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Launch WhatsApp business messaging

Start using chat dashboard or set up API or plugin integration to your system.

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WhatsApp Plugins & Modules

Easy integration without code! Try business messaging plugins for popular CRM, website and online shop management systems.

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Messaggio Platform for WhatsApp notifications

Multi-user account

Invite colleagues to collaborate on your Messaggio account.

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Contacts import

Import a contact database from Excel of any size and in any encoding.

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Omni-channel routing

Optimize your budget and expand your coverage by re-sending messages to other channels.

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Statistics and analytics

Use statistics on messages in real time: statuses of sending, delivery, views and clicks.

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How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

How often do you plan to make mass-sendings?

Select the message volume per month and company type

Select the message volume per month and company type

What type of messages do you want to send?

What type of messages do you want to send?

Please check all that apply.

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Have you ever done mass-sendings before?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

Which channels are you interested in for messaging?

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What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

What destination countries of your mass-sendings are?

How can we contact you?

How can we contact you?

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Tell us about the aims of the company, and Messaggio’s manager will contact you to advice the best solution.

In addition to the standard features, Messaggio offers additional features that can improve the effectiveness of WhatsApp notifications, increase conversions and increase the engagement of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

WhatsApp Sender ID registration takes several days. The company should provide its Facebook Business ID, the phone number to which the Sender ID will be linked and related information for branding.

Communication in WhatsApp from business to client implies that an event, a trigger, has occurred. For each of these events, you need to create a message template and wait for approval in WhatsApp (usually about a day).

You can use the WhatsApp Business App on up to 5 devices. This option is suitable for small businesses that do not receive many queries from customers on WhatsApp.

But if you want to be able to connect an unlimited number of users who respond to messages in WhatsApp, you will need to integrate with the WhatsApp Business API.

Messaggio, the messenger’s official ISV partner, will help you set up the WhatsApp Business API (WABA). By connecting to Messaggio, instead of using the WhatsApp Business App, you will use the WhatsApp Business API to communicate with customers on WhatsApp. It will give you the opportunity to answer multiple customer queries at once on multiple devices. Also, you can work with queries in Messaggio Chats — this is a user-friendly interface for processing a large number of requests and distributing them among the managers of your company.

Using Messagio, you can set up an SMS fallback for those recipients who do not have WhatsApp messenger installed. This way you will be able to maintain the reach of your audience. For an SMS channel, you can prepare a message template with a shorter text.

Once your WhatsApp Sender ID is registered, you can fill out a special form to request a verification badge. Badges are issued by WhatsApp at their own discretion. If your brand is big enough and well-known, there is no reason to worry. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.
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Software & IT

Regardless of the size and expertise of the company, multichannel messaging will benefit any business in the IT sector. It is a simple and effective means of communication both within the company and with external partners. Let’s delve into how it works.

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Consumer Services

Multichannel marketing in the consumer services industry strengthens customer connections, informs about promotions, and builds trust between the brand and the audience. Read this article to learn how to use message campaigns in this field and the business challenges they address.

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Health Care

Medical organizations often run campaigns to reduce missed appointments. This issue can be easily addressed by sending reminders to the clinic’s clients through their preferred messaging app. Let’s take a closer look at how message broadcasts can enhance the quality of services.

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