Messaggio multichannel platform - bulk SMS, Viber business, WhatsApp and RCS messaging

Messaging for Consumer Services

Multichannel messaging platform provides a user friendly and effective way to send rich content messages (on Viber, SMS or WhatsApp) to your services users and is an ideal method to communicate with large groups of people, making it perfect for use in public service companies.

Contacting customers or members of the public has never been easier than it is through Multichannel text messaging. You can easily contact large groups of people, or narrow your focus down to specific groups, using demographics to target your information where it is most appropriate.

Many MMS service provides will supply a bulk SMS text messaging service internationally which allows you to ensure that clients are informed about any issues that may effect them as soon as possible. Anything ranging from service outages, overdue payments, appointment cancellations and so on.

Not only are your customers informed promptly it also helps to reduce frustration and builds good relationships. Messaggio can offer so much to public services both in terms of efficiency and enhancing the experience of the service users. The average delivery time of a message is near 3 seconds, so it saves you time as well as money, and means that your customers are always guaranteed to be kept in the loop.

Keeping clients informed

Viber business messages, Google RCS, SMS or WhatsApp Business allows business to send images, locations and a variety of other information attached to a text message.

Client Feedback

If you need to gather feedback from your clients, you can use 2WAY Sender ID on Viber, SMS or WhatsApp. These features often achieve a much higher rate of completion than standard web forms or email.

Service updates

Automatic real time updates can be sent to clients and residents ensuring that they are always up to date with important information.

Improving efficiency at the call centre

By sending important information via text an organisation reduces the time spent on phone calls both by the clients and by the call centre team.

Sending important reminders

Simply sending a client a reminder a day before they are due to attend reduces the rate of missed appointments.

Building a network

Expanding your contacts is easy – local service users can opt-in to messaging by receiving a code and keyword in the communications you send.

Seamless integration

API technology means that multichannel services can easily integrate with any existing management software your organisation may use.

Send people to your website

Including trackable links in multichannel messaging will mean that people are able to easily access your website, thus increasing traffic to your site.