Integration with HubSpot

If you use HubSpot, you can use the Messaggio app to automation of your customer's lead process and improve their experience with your company. Install the Messaggio app for HubSpot and send SMS, Viber messages to customers and administrators.

This guide will show you how to integrate Messaggio's messaging application into your HubSpot system.
To setup a triggered sending, you need to link your Messaggio account and HubSpot.

Messaggio settings

    1. Create an account at Messaggio. To do this, click on "Create account" on the Messaggio website. Enter your details and click "Register". You have an Messaggio personal account now.
    2. Screenshot 1: create a Messaggio account
    3. To get started, you should accept this public offer terms and conditions on behalf of your company. To do this, click "Continue" on the notification under the menu in your personal area and follow the prompts. Once your application has been reviewed, you can proceed with registering the name of the messenger.
    4. Screenshot 2: confirm the offer

      Normally it takes no more than one working day to verify an application to join the offer.

    5. Register the sender name, by specifying the required channel for sending messages.
    6. The activation period for the sender name depends on the channel in which it is registered:

      • SMS - 3-15 days, depending on mobile operator
      • Viber - 1-5 days
      • VK - 1-3 days
    7. Go to "Project info", copy the project login.
    Screenshot 3: go to "Project info"

    Settings on HubSpot side

    Install the Messaggio app in your HubSpot. To do this, go to "AppMarketplace" in HubSpot and search for "Messaggio". Near the Messaggio application icon, click "Install app".

    Screenshot 4: Messaggio application installation

    Select the HubSpot account to which you want to add the Messaggio app in the window that opens

    Screenshot 5: Selecting an account to install the Messaggio app

    Confirm the connection between the Messaggio app and your HubSpot account.

    Screenshot 6: application installation confirmation

    After Messaggio plugin and HubSpot connected, go to the "Settings" tab and select a sending channel matching the registered name on the Messaggio platform.

    Screenshot 7: Messaggio plugin installation
  1. Specify the sender name code for the API. For this purpose, go to the Sender Name menu in your Messaggio personal account and click on "Info". Copy the code and paste it into the relevant field in the application for OpenCart.
  2. Screenshot 7: go to "View details " sender's name
    Screenshot 8:copy API code
  3. Specify the Messaggio project login. You can find it in your Messaggio personal account under "Settings" - "Project" - "Detailed information" - "API settings".
Screenshot 9: Go to project settings
Screenshot 10: Copy the project login

Congratulations, the Messaggio and HubSpot integration is complete!
To send trigger notifications when a task is created/updated, you need to prepare message templates.

Message template creation

A message template is the content you send to the recipient. To start creating message templates, go to "Templates", press "Create template" and follow the prompts in the application interface.

Screenshot 12: Go to "Templates" and create a template
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