Messaggio: Customer Messaging Platform

Take advantage of a powerful business messaging platform:
mass-sendings and chat communication with customers.


Schedule mass-sendings with additional “smooth dispatch” or “best time delivery” options.


Optimize your marketing budget, send messages via official channels and direct connections.


Create interactive message templates with high conversion.


Use a multi-user dashboard with 2FA and access control for collaboration.

What is Messaggio Platform?

Omnichannel messaging SaaS for customer notifications and chat support


Use the platform to communicate with customers across multiple channels.

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Install a business messaging plugin to your CRM, CMS or online-shop system to send customer notifications.

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Extra features

Create mobile marketing campaigns with a message builder, schedule smooth dispatches and more.

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Messaging API

Implement flexible messaging API in your web application, billing or ERP system with ease.

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Messaggio Dashboard

Register the Sender’s ID, create a message template, customize message personalization, timing and smoothness of sending, and launch service or promotional messaging campaign.

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Messaggio Chats

Connect business accounts in messengers to Messaggio — provide customer support from a single interface.

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mobile marketing
mobile marketing

New era of business messaging:
closer to the client

Correspondence in messengers is a common thing that sets its own context for communication: immediacy, brevity and usefulness.

The modern format of communication inclines businesses to be presented not only in the form of a website, a hotline number or an office address.

The business Sender ID in a messenger is the same showcase and face of the brand. It is becoming a good practice to support customers through online chat and send important interactive notifications to the messenger.

Plugins & Modules

Easy integration without code! Try business messaging plugins for popular CRM, website and online shop management systems.

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SMS messaging

The most common communication channel, for both mass-sendings and trigger notifications.

Viber Business Messages

A wide range of business tools: in-app advertising, notifications and chat with clients in the messenger.

WhatsApp Business API

Chatting and interactive notification messages in one of the most popular instant messengers.