Multichannel Messaging Platform

Designed specifically for multi-channel communications in instant messengers and SMS.
Powerful and reliable system that meets the requirements of modern business.

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Messaggio Multichannel Messaging Platform

Modern communication technologies

Messengers provide wide range of business tools for mobile marketing campaigns, 2WAY communication and fast delivery of customer notifications. Messaggio Multichannel Platform supports the full functionality of each channel.

A reliable platform for sending messages through modern communication channels increases customer engagement, provides customer care services, feedback and personalized upsales.

Customer Support

24/7 multilingual support service and assistance in technical integration and messaging channels setup.

Fast delivery

Powerful platform (7000 rps) with minimal message delivery time and 24/7 monitoring of channel load.

Direct connections

Direct connections to instant messengers and mobile operators, in addition to high-quality technical channels, allows prompt launch of non-standard cases.

Multichannel routing

Transparent routing with multichannel templates and custom message routing logic with SMS fallback.

API integration

Unified API of sending messages to multiple channels: Plugins, add-ons to popular online-shop and CRM systems, HTTP or SMPP connection for multi-channel communication.

Multiuser web interface

Multi-user account with the ability to configure access rights and roles for users, support for multiple interface languages.

Only official channels

Direct reliable connections for processing priority SMS traffic have always been important. Working with global brands requires quality support for message delivery channels.

We will be glad to mutually beneficial exchange of Zero-Hop connections and to provide our facilities with a platform for accessing local mobile operators directly.