Multichannel Messaging Platform

Designed specifically for multi-channel communications in instant messengers and SMS.
Powerful and reliable system that meets the requirements of modern business. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

Platform features

Multichannel bulk messaging

High Speed Bulk dispatch to multiple channels. Routing messages to another channel if the primary channel is not enabled.

Message personalization

Customisation of multichannel message templates. Apply a variety of additional parameters while importing contacts.

Chatting and 2WAY interaction

Providing two-way communication of the client with the brand. Web interface for online chat or API integration.

Multiple test phones

Reviewing the message on several test phones prior to the mass sending to customers.

Scheduling and smooth messaging

Smooth sending of newsletters to distribute the load on the call center or website, as well as the ability to schedule a dispatch.

Realtime statistics

Complete statistics on sent and delivered messages. Detailed and summary reports on all communication channels.

Communication channels

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Choose your tariff plan

Choose the right plan for your business. Happy to answer your questions and to find the best solution for multichannel messaging. Multichannel messaging platform. Viber, WhatsApp, SMS & RCS business messaging.

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