How to use documents

Document storage is available in Messaggio. It is useful for:

  • Uploading scans of confirmations, questionnaires, and other documents that can be attached to applications for the Sender ID.
  • Quick access to company documents: invoices, acts, contracts — they are loaded by a personal manager.
  • Data warehouse — documents that you want to attach to messages for dispatch.

You can find the document storage in the «Settings / Documents» section.

To add a document to the storage, click «Upload File» in the appropriate document category.

The number of uploaded documents is displayed next to the category name.

You can delete, download or add a document to Favorites. To do this, click on the document and select the action.

Unviewed documents have the «New» status. The status label will help you not to miss new documents from the Messaggio manager.

The storage capacity is 1 GB. The storage fullness indicator is displayed on the first screen of the section.

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