Integration with Altegio

Simple integration with Altegio will allow you to send SMS, Viber messages to company clients. Cascading is also possible: first to Viber and then to SMS if delivery to Viber fails. Sending messages is done directly from the Altegio interface. The Messaggio technologies enable customers to receive appointment reminders, offer notifications and other messages in time to help automate processes in your company.

The provider works all over the world. In Europe, payment is available both in local currency and euros.  In other countries, subscription and payment in euros is possible.

Connecting is possible only for legal persons.

Messaggio account registration and sender name setup

  1. Visit the Messaggio website and click on "Register" or "Create account".
  2. Fill the form and click "Create account".
  3. Confirm your e-mail address: an e-mail with a confirmation link will be sent to the address you specified during registration.

After registration and confirmation of your email address, log in to your personal account. Complete the basic account settings:

    1. Specify the company name, country, website, language and time zone.
    2. Confirm the offer (Adhesion Agreement) by providing your company VAT number and other details. Once the offer is accepted, you will be able to download a top-up account or recharge your balance with a bank card.
    3. Create an individual sender name. To do this, go to in the Senders tab and click on the "Create" button. Select an SMS channel from the drop-down list and specify your company name - this is the name your customers will see when they receive the SMS.

    1. Send the created sender name for moderation and activation. To do this, click on the sender name and click on the "Send to moderation" button..

      Depending on the mobile operator, the name activation process can take 3-15 working days.

    1. Contact the Service Desk to get the settings for integration with Altegio: from your Messaggio account under "Helpdesk" create a ticket with the subject "Integration with Altegio". In the email, state that you need an authorisation key.

  1. Wait for a response from support, which will apply the settings to your account to work correctly with Altegio. Usually a reply is received within 30 minutes. Copy the received key and sender name code from the email.

Settings in the Yclients private area

Log into your Altegio personal area to section "Settings - Notifications", select Messaggio SMS provider, enter key in field "Authorization key", specify sender name code in field "SMS sender name".

Rates and charges

Detailed Messaggio tariff descriptions is available by clicking.
To top up your balance, go to "Credits", enter the payment amount and press the "Checkout" button.

Then follow the instructions in the payment interface.

To ensure that you do not stop receiving messages when you have a zero balance, activate the AutoPay service. The specified amount will be automatically charged from your bank card when you use up your balance. For more information on how to activate AutoPay, see «Finance».

You can now send individual messages to customers or send to groups from your customer base. Altegio flexible filters will allow you to create a user segment to send messages to suit your needs. Messaggio will ensure high speed and deliverability of messages from your brand, verified by your service provider.

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