Terms and definitions in messaging

Multichannel messaging service is based on a variety of telecommunication and Internet technologies. In the description of services, we often use abbreviations that may not always be known to you. Here we have compiled a glossary of terms and definitions used in the industry.
By the way, you can create account and send SMS to your customers via Dashboard, plugin or API integration.


Prelander is a single page landing page that is presented to the visitor before he is directed to the main product website. The prelander looks and feels like a fully functional website, but the only purpose of prelander is to present product information in a convincing manner. Prelander helps the visitors to understand the product better before buying it. The pre-sell page persuades the visitor to invest their money on the main product. Messaggio cliens using prelanders have always found it to be a useful strategy. Prelanders work well on mobile devices and they contain information in various formats such as banners, text, and videos.