Terms and definitions in messaging

Multichannel messaging service is based on a variety of telecommunication and Internet technologies. In the description of services, we often use abbreviations that may not always be known to you. Here we have compiled a glossary of terms and definitions used in the industry.

Alpha Name

Synonym for “Sender ID”, a parameter used to specify the sender of the message, but mostly in SMS, while SenderID is a term for Rich Messaging as well. An alfaname can be in the form of a number, a word, or a combination of both. If you wish to send messages from particular numbers or names, you might be required to register them. Alfa-name consisting of numbers only is referred to as a ‘numeric’ sender.

If a sender includes a non-numeric character (e.g. the letter ‘C’), it is referred to as an ‘alpha-numeric’, for example: 123Promo

If the recipient replies to the message and you’ve set the sender ID as your own mobile number, the reply will be sent to your mobile phone.