Terms and definitions in messaging

Multichannel messaging service is based on a variety of telecommunication and Internet technologies. In the description of services, we often use abbreviations that may not always be known to you. Here we have compiled a glossary of terms and definitions used in the industry.
By the way, you can create account and send SMS to your customers via Dashboard, plugin or API integration.


MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. When a client, such as a web browser, receives a file from the server, it needs some way to determine the type of contents contained in the file so that it can decide how to deal with it. MIME can be used for such purpose. A MIME value is included in the header of the response sent by the server. If the client finds that the MIME value included in a response is, say “text/html”, it knows that the response contains an HTML document since “text/html” is the MIME type of HTML files.