Apply the best messaging experience
in your business

Take a look at the industry case studies that most effectively use messaging services to interact with the audience and customers. Use success and proven solutions to improve your business.

Restaurants and Bars

Many small business have the unique challenge of having the owner both run the company and be responsible for marketing. This is comment in restaurants and bars and many owners have found that multichannel texting is one of the quickest, easiest and moots effective ways of putting their business in the public eye.

Travel and Tourism

Nowadays, if we travel anywhere we are well aware of the need to use technology. Our phones have become essential travel items, from the research and planning stages right through to when we arrive at our destinations.When we travel we will be taking our technology along for the ride – our smartphones go where we go and create and easier, more convenient and personalised travel experience.

Delivery Services

In the modern world customer expectations are high and never more so than with their expectation that logistics companies provide a timely and efficient delivery service. However, the system remains imperfect and it is still the case that people often miss deliveries. This can cause a lot of frustration and inconvenience if the customer then has to travel to the main depot to obtain their delivery, or if the product has been returned to sender, having to start the order process over again.

Software & IT

No matter what the size of your company or your sector of expertise multichannel messaging will be of benefit to any business in the IT sector. By using a company that can provide API integration your company can obtain many benefits from mobile messaging, the most simple and direct way to communicate both inside your company and externally to your customers and suppliers.

Banking & Finance

Multichannel messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication with customers in the finance and banking sectors. This kind of rapid direct communication is perfect for a sector that handles confidential and time-sensitive customer information. As a result multichannel mobile marketing methods are being adopted into standard communication strategy planning across the sector.


The one time that people traditionally re-evaluate their lives and look to make positive change is at the New Year. It is also a time when people start to think about tying up some loose ends. It is therefore a great time for the Insurance industry to take the time to reach out to existing clients and potential new ones by multichannel marketing campaign, in order to encourage them to look at taking out or increasing their life insurance.

Health Care

The healthcare organisations have frequently implemented campaigns to try and reduce the number of missed appointments which cost them thousands of euro annually. As well as the financial implications there is an impact on resources and an effect on waiting list times. This has been a perennial issue that is now being addressed by sending out simple reminders via multichannel messaging.

Consumer Services

Multichannel messaging platform provides a user friendly and effective way to send rich content messages on Viber, SMS or WhatsApp to your services users and is an ideal method to communicate with large groups of people, making it perfect for use in public service companies.