Viber ad suite: how to use it

If bulk messaging is not enough for the desired reach due to an insufficient client base, launch advertising on Viber and attract new users who are potentially interested in your product. Viber’s flexible targeting options will help you with this.

This article will tell you what ad placements Viber offers and how to set up ads in the messenger.

About Viber ads

Viber ad is targeted advertising on messenger placements. Advertisements in Viber are selected based on the interests of users, the messenger does not impose irrelevant offers on the audience. This increases the chances for advertisers to receive positive feedback from potential customers.

Viber ad placements

Viber provides 7 ad formats. These are 7 placements of different forms and tasks at the points of concentration of the user’s active attention. Formats are natively built into the messenger interface.

Viber offers to place both banner and video ads, as well as text and image ads. There are mobile and desktop placements. More about each of them:

  • Post-call — a pop-up banner on the screen at the end of a call.
    Ads appear when Viber call ends or 40 seconds after Viber call goes unanswered. The ad contains short text + image that leads to the landing page. Only for mobile devices. The average CTR according to Viber is 0.8%.
  • Viber ad, Post-call
  • Business chat inbox — an advertisement in the list of business chats.
    The ad appears at the top of the list of business chats when the user navigates to that section. In addition to the text and image, which is located in the place of the avatar, you can place a button. Visually, an advertisement is indistinguishable from a business message. The animation of the appearance of the advertisement is similar to the one that is triggered when you got a new notification in the messenger. This brings the Business chat inbox ad format the highest click-through rate among Viber placements — 9.8%. The high CTR is also because the business chats section is located 1 click from the user’s personal chats list — the most viewed screen of the application. The format is only for mobile devices and is available only in Russia.
  • Viber ad, Business chat inbox
  • Main chat screen — an advertisement in the chat list.
    The advertisement is displayed on the first and most visited screen of the Viber application, among the user’s private chats. The ad looks like a message from a friend: an avatar and a text. You can add a button. The format is for mobile devices only.
  • Calls tab — an advertisement in the calls section.
    The Calls tab format is similar to the Main chat screen format. But this placement is located on the adjacent screen — in the calls section. The ad will be displayed to the user above his recent calls via Viber. The button is valid. Only for mobile devices.
  • Viber ad, Main chat screen and Calls tab

    Advice from Messaggio

    The Main chat screen and Calls tab advertising formats allow you to reach users who are looking for a specific contact and view the call history. At this moment, they are most concentrated and read into the text on the screen. Use this to communicate the USP.
  • Chat extensions — an advertisement in the chat extension menu.
    An advertisement is shown to a user when he types a message and wants to supplement it with a link to a YouTube video, location, or GIF. At this point, the user is most involved in interacting with the application and is relaxed. The format is currently only available on Android, but Viber clarifies that it will soon appear on iOS. Use Chat extensions to start a friendly conversation on behalf of the brand. Could there be a better moment to connect with a user than when he wants to communicate himself?
  • Viber ad, Chat extensions
  • Desktop display — баннерная реклама на ПК версии приложения Viber.
    Реклама отображается в нижней части веб-приложение Viber, под списком чатов. Desktop display предполагает три формата объявлений с разными размерами изображения (ссылка на требования к баннерам, в тексте) и текст. Средний CTR — 0,1%.
  • Viber ad, Desktop display
  • Desktop video — video advertising on the PC version of the Viber application.
    Ads are loaded into a 300 x 250 display space below the chat list in the PC version of the application and played automatically without sound. There is a button to turn on / off audio. The declared viewability of Desktop video from Viber is 90%.
  • Viber ad, Desktop video

Advice from Messaggio

The desktop version of the Viber application is used by people in the business community for business communication. Consider the audience of the placement when creating an offer.

Viber ad features

Let’s talk about the features of advertising in Viber in the FAQ format.

What targeting options are available for ads on Viber?

In Viber, you can set up narrow segments for targeting ad campaigns. To do this, it is necessary to select the socio-demographic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, and interests of the target audience.

Available targeting for Viber ads

Socio-demographic and behavioral characteristicsInterests
(the user’s subscriptions to Viber communities are taken into account)
Age (groups: 18-24, 25-34, 34-50)
GEO (City / Region)
Connection type (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
Mobile operator
Device OS
OS language
Browser / Browser Language
Manufacturer (mobile apps only)
Business and finance
Party and celebration
Family and kids
Food and drinks
Healthy lifestyle
Hobby, DIY
Pets and animals
Sport and Fitness
Style and Fashion
Phone calls
users who call to other countries via Viber

How long can a Viber ad campaign last?

The maximum period of an advertising campaign in the messenger is 3 weeks. Ads can be paused. If you are planning a longer campaign, it can be negotiated with Viber on an individual basis.

How many campaigns can I launch?

You can launch any number of campaigns. The number of banners is also unlimited.

I want to attract new users only and not show ads to current customers. What to do?

In Viber, you can make stop lists for displaying ads. Create a stop list with the phone numbers of your current customers, and they will be excluded from the ad campaign audience.

Many users find banner ads intrusive. Could frequent advertising harm the brand’s reputation?

To prevent users from getting tired of the same ads, the number of impressions per user can be limited.

Algorithm for setting up ads in Viber

Viber does not offer a personal dashboard for setting up advertising campaigns. Viber ad is organized by Viber partners. One of these is the Messaggio multichannel customer communication service. You can launch targeted ads on Viber through Messaggio in this way:

  1. Messaggio’s manager invites you to fill out an advertisement brief. In the brief, you must specify the timing of the advertising campaign, countries for impressions, placements, links to landing pages (including UTM tags), budget. It is also necessary to select the targeting, indicating the socio-demographic characteristics of the users who need to be reached and their interests — based on this information, audience segments will be formed for an advertising campaign.
  2. Менеджер Messaggio просчитывает планируемое количество показов за бюджет клиента и высылает коммерческое предложение.
  3. Клиент оплачивает счёт, после чего Messaggio передает бриф в Viber.
  4. Клиент готовит и передает креативы в Messaggio. Messaggio согласовывает их с Viber. Если креативы соответствуют требованиям, Viber запускает рекламу. Если же баннеры не подходят под форматы рекламных объявлений, креативы возвращаются на доработку.
Пример брифа на рекламу в Viber. Скачайте pdf по ссылке.

Ознакомьтесь с требованиями к креативам

В презентации вы найдете требования к макетам сообщений под каждый рекламный формат: допустимые элементы в сообщении, ограничения по символам, размер изображения.

Стоимость рекламы в Viber

Модель оплаты рекламы на всех плейсментах Viber — CPM (за тысячу показов). Цены зависят от страны показа рекламы.

При выборе таргетинга по пользователям, которые делают Viber-звонки из страны в страну, придётся доплатить 25% к стоимости CPM. За остальные таргетинги Viber плату не взимает.

Как оценить эффективность рекламы в Viber

По окончании рекламной кампании Viber предоставляет клиенту отчет. В отчете отражена ежедневная статистика по количеству показов, кликов, стоимости за 1000 показов и CTR.

Пример отчета по рекламной кампании в Viber. Скачайте pdf по ссылке.

Если вы хотите рассказать о продукте многомиллионной аудитории и привлечь целевых пользователей в момент, когда они наиболее открыты к диалогу, настройте таргетированную рекламу в Viber. Сервис мультиканальных коммуникаций Messaggio поможет пройти модерацию без заминок и быстро запуститься. Кроме того, с Messaggio вы можете настроить рассылку сообщений в Viber, каскадные рассылки Viber + SMS, рассылки WhatsApp, ВКонтакте и выстроить полноценный мессенджер-маркетинг в компании.

Я готов запускать рекламу в Viber! Как начать?

Чтобы начать рекламу в Viber, напишите нам на или оставьте контактные данные в форме ниже — менеджер Messaggio свяжется с вами в течение рабочего дня, чтобы обсудить детали рекламной кампании.

    I consent to Messaggio storing my submitted information in order to be able to respond to my request.

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