How to Reduce Marketing Budget of your Business Messaging Campaign?

If you haven’t done the math, checked the whole marketing funnel, or put the right funds aside, then you’re probably not going anywhere with your marketing strategy. Marketing is a problem if the costs are not identified. What’s even more critical is to know the outcomes after the making all the expenditures. You’re losing money with every day that goes by without you converting those leads that you’ve paid money to get. Therefore, the sooner you convert your leads, faster you increase your profits.

Business messages is one of the most underrated strategies that not only optimises marketing funnels but also helps in squeezing the lead conversion time. And with the introduction of RCS and RBM in the near future, Business messages are going to be revolutionised. Let’s dive into it a little deeper…

Why Use Business Messages, RCS and RBM?

Text messages are fast, efficient and friendly, and all smartphones are optimized to receiving them. By optimised, I mean to say that it is very convenient to receive a business message, RCS or RBM. It will rest on the screen of a locked handset. In comparison to emails, business messages prompt an audible notification on delivery. And believe it or not, business messages have an incredible open rate of 98%.

According to a study, around 85% of the leads monitored read business message within 15 minutes of it being received. Just imagine how fast and busy our lives have become; a single glance is enough to convert a prospect lead and that makes business messages, RCS and RBM priceless.

Let’s discuss some viable tips that will help you save budget on your business messaging campaign.

1. Keep a Check on CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

The “customer acquisition cost” (CAC) determines where your money stands when you are trying to make more of it. Only when you know how much you are spending can you reduce the advertisement costs.

Your CAC is just how much you pay to turn leads into buyers. Clearly knowing the cost as it applies to the acquisition of leads would provide you with guidelines on how to keep your business messaging budget in check.

As a rule of thumb
if you don’t get the numbers you need, then you need to change something in your business messages. The quality of business messaging, RCS and RBM can be analysed by calculating how much it costs you to covert people. If you know this, it will help you keep the consumer acquisition cost down.

2. Identify the Qualified Leads

Making the most of business messages is done with a solid business messaging strategy. The last thing you want to do is to send Viber business messages to an audience that is not interested in your business messages. Remember! Don’t follow leads on their face value. The devil lies in the details. Find out who your leads are, then figure out what are their pressing needs. Only then offer them your products that relate to their needs.

3. Conversions is an Art of Persuasion – Learn It

You need to be persuasive in your Viber business messages. Most of the business messaging campaign fail at this point. Many of them have already lost it because they immediately start yelling, “Buy now! “Instead, what you want is to nurture your leads. Gently guide them, tactically excite them, and then, when they are ready for it, present your solution in a very subtle way. But be honest about your product, and never go overboard.

4. Content is Everything

While you’re building a Viber business messages campaign, it’s better if your two-way business texting content is pre-written. Content carries a lot of weightage, so work on creating a string of messages that you can automate later.

This will not only help you focus on your business but also in staying a few steps ahead of your leads. Consider writing enough content to send out over a year, for example. You may look at 52 messages with unique, appealing content that may be sent out weekly through a reliable business message marketing service.

5. Follow the Text Backs

A true two-way business text messaging system must have an element that people see as real. It’s a good thing to automate your texts, but be ready to follow up with a real response. You or your team must suffice as the people respond. Just show everyone that real people are involved and that you care about the concerns of your prospects.

Compressing the conversion time of a lead to purchase your service product will not only help you meet your sales targets quicker, but will also put a human touch into your connection with your prospective customers, which in turn drives lower long-term churn.

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