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There are cases when mobile network codes are occupied not by mobile carriers, but government structures (military, railway, landline phone authorities), fixed and broadband internet providers, scientific organisations, etc. Some MCCMNCs belong to obsolete legal entities, acquired by other market players or went to bankruptcy, but codes are kept for a certain period for legacy purposes.
Brand nameCHILI
Mobile users200 000 mobile users
(report dated 28/09/2021)
MCCMNC code61703
Mobile network code (MNC)03
Mobile country code (MCC)617
Mobile Number Portability (MNP)No

Mobile operators rating

CHILI mobile market share: 15.8%:

#3 mobile carrier in Mauritius

#NameMobile users
1my.t628 thou
2Emtel437 thou
3CHILI200 thou

CHILI messaging prices

SMS Viber WhatsApp RCS
€ 0.01625 € 0.00800 € 0.00800 Inquire
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