Zapier + Messaggio

Send messages from Zapier to your customers via SMS, Viber or WhatsApp.
Set up easy integration and send notifications using Messaggio Platform.

Zapier is a service that moves info between your web apps automatically and helps to automate workflows.

Performing integrations with Messaggio in Zapier make it easy to connect to applications. You can automatically set up the creation of contact groups from your database for messaging via Messaggio. You can also send trigger messages without enlisting the help of a developer team.

Available actions

  • Sending trigger notifications to clients and administrators from your system
  • Creating contact groups from data in your system for messaging via Messaggio

To create a connection in Zapier for messaging or creating contact groups, you must have an account with Messaggio. Confirm the offer agreement in your Messaggio dashboard, register the Sender’s ID on the desired channel, for example, in SMS, and top up the balance.

Create Messaggio connections in Zapier with desired systems and complete the integration by specifying settings. Find out more information in the detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting Messaggio to Zapier.

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Frequently asked questions about messaging from Zapier

Here are collected the most frequently asked questions about Messaggio plugin for Zapier.

You can also check out the Messaggio Knowledge Base to learn more about sending SMS, Viber and WhatsApp.

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Плагин для отправки SMS через Messaggio абсолютно бесплатный.

Посмотреть инструкцию по установке

Плагин Messaggio может быть установлен на аккаунте Zapier с любым тарифным планом.

Посмотреть тарифные планы

Цена на SMS устанавливается в зависимости от страны и оператора абонента, которому сообщение будет направлено. Подробную информацию вы можете найти в разделе Цены.

Перейти в раздел Цены


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