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High-quality SMS delivery to Uruguay and multichannel business messages routing to Whatsapp, Viber and RCS with low prices and exceptional Messaggio platform capacity.

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Messaging price in Uruguay

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from € 0.02015 € 0.01000 € 0.00800 request

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Country info

Montevideo timezoneGMT-3
Current time19/10 18:16
  • $U (UYU)
  • (UYI)
Population3 518 552
Cellular users5 420 000
Mobile penetration154.04%
Country codeUY
Calling code+598
Mobile number portability, MNPNo
Mobile country code, MCC748
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Major mobile carriers in Uruguay

Check the best prices on business messaging for Antel, Movistar, Claro and other carriers in Uruguay

MCCMNCMCCMNCCarrierOther names
74801Bulk and OTP SMS on Antel via MessaggioAntelAncel, Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
7480074800Bulk and OTP SMS on Antel via MessaggioAntel

7480374803Bulk and OTP SMS on Antel via MessaggioAntel

7480774807Bulk and OTP SMS on Movistar via MessaggioMovistarMovicom, Telefónica Móviles
7481074810Bulk and OTP SMS on Claro via MessaggioClaroCTI Movil, AM Wireless, CTI Móvil

MCCMNC in Uruguay

74801, 74807, 74810

There are no MVNO (Mobile virtual network operators) in Uruguay. Virtual operators might either obtain dedicated MCCMNC code, or just a white-label from some of the carriers.
  • 2FA (Two factors authentification)
  • OTP (One time password)
  • A2P (Application to persons)
  • P2A (Persons to application)
  • RBM (Rich business messaging)
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