Message price by communication channel

The cost of omnichannel messaging consists of the monthly fee per Sender ID and processed messages.
You can expand the available functionality by choosing a Corporate tariff plan.

Local SMS in Philippines

Operator Price per SMS, eur
GLOBE € 0.00589
SMART € 0.00670
SUN CELLULAR € 0.00670
Operator Price per SMS, rub
GLOBE ₽ 0.60
SMART ₽ 0.77
Operator Price per SMS, uah
GLOBE ₴ 0.18
SMART ₴ 0.24

If you are going to send high volumes of messages, let us to make a special price offer to you!

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Viber Sender ID monthly fee includes prepaid message traffic: if you pay 100/150 Eur per Sender ID, you are able to send messages on such amount.

Transaction, eur Promotion, eur
€ 0.00080€ 0.00110
WhatsApp templated message, eur Messaggio fee, eur
€ 0.03400+ € 0.008

You can set up SMS messaging from your CRM or online store via plugin, integrate API to Web-app, or use the Mesaggio dashboard for mass-sendings.

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What are the average monthly costs of Platform usage?

  • Platform: Free or Corporate Plan monthly fee
  • Messaging: Average messages costs in a month
  • Sender ID: Monthly fee per Sender ID if applicable

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SMS Sender ID

No monthly fee

Depending on the country and operator, a subscription fee may be required to keep the SMS Sender ID active.

SMS Messaging pricing

Viber Sender ID

100 eur/ monthly*

The minimum monthly fee includes messages that you can send using your Viber Sender ID.

Viber messaging pricing

WhatsApp Sender ID

200 eur/ monthly

The subscription fee for WhatsApp Sender ID includes 10,000 MAU – active chats with unique users per month.

WhatsApp messaging pricing

* — For Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, or messaging to several countries the minimum monthly fee for Viber Sender ID is €150/mo.

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