MoySklad + Messaggio

Send messages from MoySklad to your customers via SMS, Viber or WhatsApp.
Set up easy integration and send notifications using Messaggio Platform.

MoySklad is a popular online warehouse management system in Russia. The system allows you to customize the accounting of goods, maintain a catalog, storefront, place orders and generate various reports. Also, MoySklad supports the expansion of functionality through plugins for integration with delivery services, payment services and SMS aggregators.

Through MoySklad, it is possible to send bulk SMS and Viber, as well as trigger notifications to clients. Messaggio has developed an easy-to-configure plugin that allows you to send messages from an online store.

Customer notifications

  • Message with an authorization code
  • Order status notification
  • Payment notification
  • Message with a tracking number to track the delivery of goods
  • Delivery Status Notification
  • Notification of new products, discounts and promotions

Administrator notifications

  • Message with an authorization code
  • Product availability notification
  • New contact creation notification

Integration options

  • Sending SMS, Viber and WhatsApp messages on behalf of your brand
  • Personalizing messages with variables
  • Quick plugin setup
  • Technical support and assistance with setup

To configure the sending from MoySklad, you must have an account with Messaggio. Confirm the offer agreement in your Messaggio dashboard, register the Sender’s ID on the desired channel, for example, in SMS, and top up the balance.

Connect the Messaggio plugin to MoySklad and complete the integration by specifying the settings. Find out more information in the detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting Messaggio to MoySklad.

  • Channels

    SMS, Viber, WhatsApp

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Frequently asked questions about messaging from MoySklad

Here are collected the most frequently asked questions about Messaggio plugin for MoySklad.

You can also check out the Messaggio Knowledge Base to learn more about sending SMS, Viber and WhatsApp.

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The Messaggio SMS sending plugin is completely free of charge.

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The Messaggio plugin is available for any MoySklad account with any pricing plan.

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You can see the price rates for SMS messages in the Prices section.

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MoySklad — is a popular system for warehouse management in online commerce in Russia. The system allows you to configure inventory, maintain a catalog, storefront, place orders, and generate various reports. Additionally, MySkład supports expanding its functionality through plugins for integration with delivery services, payment services, and SMS aggregators.

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