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Customer notifications

Transactional and service notifications about the order status, payments, chargings and delivery updates.

OTP verification

One-time codes in SMS for user verification is an additional reliable level of authorization in your system.

Marketing campaigns

Bulk messaging to customers with promo-codes, discounts and stock updates to support the marketing campaign.

SMS messaging features

Easy to integrate API of multichannel messaging will allow you to scale your technical platform without significant expenses. Support for sending channels on SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and RCS through one universal HTTP API. You can use the SMPP protocol – an industry standard for SMS messaging. Multichannel platform allows you to independently manage connections and provide real-time statistics via web interface.

The platform uses the latest data from the MNPs of various countries for operational routing and billing of SMS messages. Smart routing of SMS messages allows you to configure the optimal message delivery channels based on your requirements.

Multi-user and multilingual web interface for messaging, setting up an API connection and viewing statistics. A convenient user interface allows you to upload groups of contacts, create message templates and make bulk SMS and multichannel messaging.

We value the reputation of a reliable partner, so we are constantly working to increase the number of direct connections with mobile operators. Our goal is to constantly work on improving the quality of SMS channels for bulk messaging and 2-way communication.

Our team has been working on solutions for the mobile marketing market for over 12 years. Our experience is implemented in a powerful and multi-channel messaging platform, meeting the requirements and objectives of the enterprise business.

We are open with cooperation and partnership with software developers, system integrators, CRM and ERP vendors. The integration of multi-channel messaging, including SMS, will expand the functionality of your platform and offer customers a new, high-quality service.

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