General Data Protection Regulation

What is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a scheme proposed by the European Parliament to secure the integrity of the data of all individuals in the European Union (EU). It ensures the safety of our data by providing maximum security. The intention of the European Parliament is to unify the protection of data.

To who GDPR is applicable upon

This regulation system is implied on the citizens of the EU. However, the information is only collected when you build up a CRM system or database of contacts while using Messaggio. The collection of such data depends on each individual. GDPR does not apply to some customers that are government organization or businesses.

FAQs about GDPR

Does your team consist of any data protection officer or security employee?
We have a separate security team and as well a data protection officer for GDPR compliance. You can submit your question linked to GDPR compliance at
How to authenticate yourself as a compliance with new regulation to customers?
Where is the data stored physically?
What is the time period of the customer’s data storage?
How do you fulfil the data protection requirements with your third party organizations?
We sign an agreement with all of our subcontractors and third-party organizations to ensure the protection of the data.
Who are the data subjects?
How are the data categorized?
Is the sensitive information appropriately stored and what are the actions taken if there is a breach in the data system?
What teams can access the customer’s personal data?
How do you assist your customers when they send a request to delete their data from your system?
What sub-processors do you work alongside that can also access the data shared with you?
You can head to the list of Messaggio’s subcontractors and third-party organizations for detailed information.
Do you have any special categories for the data?
How do you handle cross border data transfers and who is the data exporter and importer?
This type of transfer can be done within the grounds EU and US. The exporter and importer only depend on the data subject.

HTTPS Encryption

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is a connection that encrypts the data between your browser and the involved website. This protocol ensures the safety of your browser’s communication with Messaggio which also involves your chat.

API Security

API security enables the LiveAgent to accredit the users according to their username and security passcode or username and API tokens.

Storage of credentials

Your login credentials are secured in the cloud. Our practise is to store the login information in a very safe manner.

SPAM Filtering

Messaggio has an in-built function to enable filtering of SPAMS and this function also aids in enhancing Spam filtering abilities.


Deletion of User profile

Messaggio authenticates the owner to delete the profiles of all the users. The breadcrumb scheme for deleting the profile is Settings>Users> Delete User. Messaggio continues to provide the services by holding onto Owner’s information. When the account is terminated, Messaggio works according to its Deletion Policy for other profiles.

Deletion of End-User profile

In this service, Messaggio allows the owners and users to terminate End-User profiles. This also deletes the identity and user interface from the entire system and it also deletes the prior searches and sessions.


Erasing sensitive data

One of the aspects of Messaggio is that it allows the removal of sensitive data according to customer’s request. The Added benefit to this is that the owner has full power over his account and can submit the request of data deletion by email to our support service, After you stop utilizing our services, we ensure the permanent deletion of your data from our cloud.