WhatsApp Business messaging API

WhatsApp Business API for messaging — Messaggio provide multichannel solution for sending notifications via WhatsApp verified business account

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Messaging channel

Gain early access to the WhatsApp Business solution with Messaggio as your verified WhatsApp Business service provider.

Business Account

Create a certified Business Profile with your company details. Once customers have opted in to receive your messages, you’re ready to start chatting.

Share Rich Media

Take advantage of WhatsApp’s rich media capacity. Share geolocations, images, and audio recordings and receive videos to gain context and provide support to customers.

WhatsApp Business Account

Inform customers about new promotions and update them on their booking status:
You are able to send transactional messages, offer additional services, order or payment information, inform about new promotional offers.

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Create Account

Messaggio Account allow you to manage the messaging channels (WhatsApp Business, Viber Service Messages, Google Jibe RCS), generate reports, analyze statistics and access the API for integration.

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Create new opportunities with business messaging

Communicate with your audience effectively

Gain insight with enhanced metrics and accurate statistics

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One of the most popular instant messengers has a special tool for business: sending messages on behalf of Company's Business Account. Your can take advantage of this tool by sending messages via the official WhatsApp channel using