SMS delivery to your customers
via the multichannel messaging platform

Try SMS delivery via Messaggio

SMS messaging for Business

SMS messaging is a traditional and reliable way of communicating with your client. Send notifications via Messaggio quickly and cheaply!

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Reliable SMS informing

The basic and one of the most reliable ways of communication with the client is the SMS service. An excellent solution for critical information.

SMS - effective channel

SMS message will not be lost among chat rooms in social networks and instant messengers and it will be guaranteed to reach the client with any phone model.


Powerful SMS distribution platform

Hundreds of customers choose Messaggio because of the fast SMS delivery, real-time reports and a convenient personal cabinet. Join us, get a starting balance for testing the capabilities of our platform.

Service messages

Send one-time codes (OTP), important or urgent notifications on a fast SMS channel.

Promotional messages

Plan SMS distribution to your client base via Personal Cabinet with powerful message template builder.