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Country info

  • Urdu
  • English
Islamabad timezoneGMT+5
Current time19/10 01:30
Currency₨ (PKR)
Population219 258 520
Cellular users169 910 000
Mobile penetration77.49%
Country codePK
Calling code+92
Mobile number portability, MNPYes
Mobile country code, MCC410
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Major mobile carriers in Pakistan

Check the best prices on business messaging for Jazz, Ufone, Zong and other carriers in Pakistan

MCCMNCMCCMNCCarrierOther names
41001Bulk and OTP SMS on Jazz via MessaggioJazz


Mobilink, PMCL, Warid, WaridTel, VEON, Orascom

Mobilink and Warid merged in 2017, VEON is shareholder of Jazz

4100741007Bulk and OTP SMS on Jazz via MessaggioJazz

Warid; WaridTel

4100341003Bulk and OTP SMS on Ufone via MessaggioUfone


Pakistan Telecommunication Mobile, Pak Telecom Mobile
4100441004Bulk and OTP SMS on Zong via MessaggioZong

زونگ پاکستان

Paktel, China Mobile, CMPak
41005Bulk and OTP SMS on SCOM via MessaggioSCOMSCO Mobile, Special Communications Organization

Government owned; network in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan

4100841008Bulk and OTP SMS on SCOM via MessaggioSCOM

4100641006Bulk and OTP SMS on Telenor via MessaggioTelenor

ٹیلی نار پاکستان‎

Telenor 4G

MCCMNC in Pakistan

41001, 41003, 41004, 41005, 41006

There are no MVNO (Mobile virtual network operators) in Pakistan. Virtual operators might either obtain dedicated MCCMNC code, or just a white-label from some of the carriers.
  • 2FA (Two factors authentification)
  • OTP (One time password)
  • A2P (Application to persons)
  • P2A (Persons to application)
  • RBM (Rich business messaging)
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Obsolete, inactive and special types of mobile operators in Pakistan

MCCMNCMCCMNCCarrierOther names
4100241002PTCLCharJi 4G, 3G EVO, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, Vfone

Broadband wireless; shareholder of Ufone

There are cases when mobile network codes are occupied not by mobile carriers, but government structures (military, railway, landline phone authorities), fixed and broadband internet providers, scientific organisations, etc. Some MCCMNCs belong to obsolete legal entities, acquired by other market players or went to bankruptcy, but codes are kept for a certain period for legacy purposes.