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High-quality SMS delivery to Iran and multichannel business messages routing to Whatsapp, Viber and RCS with low prices and exceptional Messaggio platform capacity.

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Country info

Tehran timezoneGMT+3.5
Current time20/10 00:01
Currency﷼ (IRR)
Population83 358 346
Cellular users82 500 000
Mobile penetration98.97%
Country codeIR
Calling code+98
Mobile number portability, MNPNo
Mobile country code, MCC432
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Major mobile carriers in Iran

Check the best prices on business messaging for Ertebatat Iran, NeginTel, Shatel Mobile and other carriers in Iran

MCCMNCMCCMNCCarrierOther names
4320143201Bulk and OTP SMS on Ertebatat Iran via MessaggioErtebatat Iran
4320243202Bulk and OTP SMS on NeginTel via MessaggioNeginTel
4320843208Bulk and OTP SMS on Shatel Mobile via MessaggioShatel Mobile
4321043210Bulk and OTP SMS on Samantel Mobile via MessaggioSamantel Mobile
4321143211Bulk and OTP SMS on Hamrahe Aval via MessaggioHamrahe Aval
4321243212Bulk and OTP SMS on HiWEB via MessaggioHiWEB
4321443214TKCKFZO, Telecommunication Kish Company
43220Bulk and OTP SMS on RighTel via MessaggioRighTel
4322143221Bulk and OTP SMS on RighTel via MessaggioRighTel

4323243232Bulk and OTP SMS on Taliya Mobile via MessaggioTaliya Mobile
4323543235Bulk and OTP SMS on MTN Irancell via MessaggioMTN Irancell
4324043240Ertebatat Mobinnet
4325043250Arya Resaneh Tadbir
43270Bulk and OTP SMS on TCI via MessaggioTCI
4329943299Bulk and OTP SMS on TCI via MessaggioTCI

4327143271KOOHE NOOR

MCCMNC in Iran

43201, 43202, 43208, 43210, 43211, 43212, 43214, 43219, 43220, 43232, 43235, 43240, 43250, 43270, 43271, 43290

There are no MVNO (Mobile virtual network operators) in Iran. Virtual operators might either obtain dedicated MCCMNC code, or just a white-label from some of the carriers.
  • 2FA (Two factors authentification)
  • OTP (One time password)
  • A2P (Application to persons)
  • P2A (Persons to application)
  • RBM (Rich business messaging)
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