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Biggest Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Running an SMS Marketing Promo Campaign

SMS marketing does not lose its relevance and allows the company to keep its audience up to date with the latest developments and proposals. In this article, we will look at the “Don’ts” and “Dare Nots” of SMS Marketing Campaigns. that you should avoid at all costs so that your SMS Marketing Promo Campaigns is successful.

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How Would You Know if You are Spamming your Customers and How to STOP?

Spam! Spam!
Delicious, or maybe weird?
Spam is a prime area to focus on in your bulk SMS, email marketing, and business messaging campaigns. How do you know if you continue to use bulk SMS as an effective, productive customer contact platform without spamming customers? – we will tell in this article.

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How to Create and Use Message Templates for Business Messaging?

We all know that bulk SMS send text message templates in business are the waves of the future for interacting with the markets. If you understand how to use text message templates, you can accelerate your testing performance. In this article, we will talk about several simple ways to use SMS templates in your bulk SMS or Viber business campaign to make sure that you are efficient and meaningful with every single message you send.

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How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Effective Business Messaging?

Every year more and more users prefer correspondence to calls. Messengers offer new solutions for communication between businesses and customers, which simplifies the process of buying and selling, benefiting both parties. The launch of the WhatsApp Business API provides companies with the opportunity to contact customers in a personal communication format. How to interact with users in real time and increase sales using the WhatsApp Business API, read this article.

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How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

Customers are riddled with holiday-related SMS marketing promotions and social media ads as soon as November hits. So, how can a business break through the noise of the season and attract the attention of its audience? In this article we share tips for your SMS marketing campaign at events such as “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, as well as throughout the season.

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Why is Mobile Marketing a Must in 2020?

Mobile marketing has become a multi-channel practice in 2020, which supports large sectors of our online ecosystem. In this article we will consider the effectiveness of mobile marketing, and also ponder upon the reasons that make it so relevant in today’s digital world.