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We are happy to share our mobile marketing practices and tips! See also the Case study chapter - there are examples how you can apply multichannel maessaging in your business effectively.

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How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Effective Business Messaging?

‘What's up?’ – It's an excellent conversation starter among friends and the reason why this phrase was coined by the world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. With over 1.5 billion users choosing to communicate in this casual and private environment, the launch of the WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with

How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

Photo by Campaign Creators Do you know that 72% of retailers enhanced their investment in Holiday Mobile Marketing Campaign last year as compared to the previous year? Customers are riddled with holiday-related SMS marketing promotions and social media ads as soon as November hits; so, as a business, how can

Why is Mobile Marketing a Must in 2020?

Tech analysts had predicted that the future would be mobile for nearly two decades. It seems like the future has finally arrived with an estimated 2.7 billion mobile users worldwide. Marketers and advertisers have adjusted to this modern reality and, therefore, have explored innovative ways like SMS marketing and SMS

How to Reduce Marketing Budget of your Business Messaging Campaign?

If you haven't done the math, checked the whole marketing funnel, or put the right funds aside, then you're probably not going anywhere with your marketing strategy. Marketing is a problem if the costs are not identified. What's even more critical is to know the outcomes after the making all

How to Get your Prospect Opt-In to your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign?

Is bulk SMS a worthy marketing tool? One may ask this question. Why should someone choose bulk SMS marketing when they have so many ways to get in touch with the target audience. Well, the answer is simple; almost 90% of texts are read in first three minutes. And a

What business tools are available in viber?

This makes Viber Business an outstanding marketing and customer engagement platform. As per Google Statistics, Viber Business is the best marketing solution for your business. And that’s not all! With over a billion users spread in almost 200 countries, Viber messages have an exceptional delivery rate of nearly 100%. And

How to Boost Conversions in Your SMS Campaign?

Let me put the bottom line upfront! If the SMS campaign isn't at the very heart of your mobile marketing policy, you are doing it wrong. The bulk SMS has the broadest reach possible today because no matter what, all mobile phones are SMS enabled. Coca-Cola spends 70% of its