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We are happy to share our mobile marketing practices and tips! See also the Case study chapter — there are examples how you can apply multichannel maessaging in your business effectively.
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How to Organise your Multi-Channel Messaging Marketing Strategy?

Many companies use multichannel messaging to manage their communication with their customers, leaving most of these channels to be managed by a Reliable and Professional Messaging Service Provider. The result of this strategy is that different messages are sent to customers through multichannel. Instead of spamming users with irrelevant information

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How Would You Know if You are Spamming Your Customers and How to STOP?

Spam! Spam! Delicious, or maybe weird? Although the debate rages in the culinary field, it has never even begun in the marketing world. No one has ever appreciated the marketing spam. As a marketer, you want to bring valuable messages and fresh ideas to your clients, but you do not

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How to Create and Use Message Templates for Business Messaging?

We all know that bulk SMS and text message templates in business are the waves of the future for interacting with the markets. If you understand how to use text message templates, you can accelerate your texting performance. Research has proved that the target audience likes bulk SMS even better

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How to Use WhatsApp Business API for Effective Business Messaging?

‘What's up?’ – It's an excellent conversation starter among friends and the reason why this phrase was coined by the world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp. With over 1.5 billion users choosing to communicate in this casual and private environment, the launch of the WhatsApp Business API provides businesses with

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How to Use SMS Marketing Effectively on the Eve of Holidays?

Photo by Campaign Creators Do you know that 72% of retailers enhanced their investment in Holiday Mobile Marketing Campaign last year as compared to the previous year? Customers are riddled with holiday-related SMS marketing promotions and social media ads as soon as November hits; so, as a business, how can