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Viber for Business: How to Create an Account and Use It Efficiently

The possibilities of Viber for Business are constantly increasing and brands see the potential in the high behavioral indicators of the messenger. In this article, we will tell you what Viber for Business is and how it differs from a simple Viber account, how to connect, configure and use Viber for Business for the benefit of the company.

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In a Flash: Who Would Benefit From Flash Call User Verification

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to insure users’ personal data on the site or in the application from leakage, and accounts from hacking. In this article, we will consider Flash Call technology — one of the most convenient 2FA varieties.

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How to Choose the Best Time for Messaging

To achieve high engagement of potential customers, you need to build messenger marketing competently. Business success depends on being able to offer a product to the user when they need it most. Therefore, in addition to a good offer in the dispatch, you need to choose the right time to send the message. In this article we’ll tell you how to choose the right time to send SMS messages and increase sales.

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Messaggio Updates, Summer 2021

Messaggio is improving! We tell you what new things have appeared on the platform over the past summer.

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Viber Ad Suite: How to Use It

If bulk messaging is not enough for the desired reach due to an insufficient client base, launch advertising on Viber and attract new users who are potentially interested in your product. Viber’s flexible targeting options will help you with this. This article will tell you what ad placements Viber offers and how to set up ads in the messenger.