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Messaggio Updates, Summer 2021

Messaggio is improving! We tell you what new things have appeared on the platform over the past summer.

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Viber Ad Suite: How to Use It

If bulk messaging is not enough for the desired reach due to an insufficient client base, launch advertising on Viber and attract new users who are potentially interested in your product. Viber’s flexible targeting options will help you with this. This article will tell you what ad placements Viber offers and how to set up ads in the messenger.

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How to Write a Good Text for a Mass Messaging Campaign

To get a high conversion rate from instant messenger-based mass texting through, you need not only to choose the right messaging channel but also to thoughtfully compose a text that will captivate users. This article will teach you, how.

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Multichannel Messaging via Messaggio Dashboard: 4 Steps to Set Up

With the growing popularity of messengers, more and more users prefer to receive content in Viber, WhatsApp, and other applications for chatting. And business is actively using the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with customers via messengers. In this article we will talk about the possibilities of multichannel messaging and how to launch it via the Messaggio platform.

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How to Gather a Contact Database for Messaging

It is not a simple task for many companies to organise effective communication with customers. Bulk messaging in messengers and via SMS not only solve this business task, but also help the consumer receive important info about ordered goods and services faster. In order for business and customer communication to take place, you need to gather the contacts of your target audience. How to obtain a phone number legally and comfortably for the user – we tell you in this article.

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How to Organise your Multi-Channel Messaging Marketing Strategy?

Today, it is extremely important for a company to stay in touch with its customers and do it effectively. In this article, we will reveal the current ways of implementing Multi-Channel Messaging Marketing Strategy in business and compare different message platforms.