YCLIENTS + Messaggio

Send messages from YCLIENTS to your customers via SMS, Viber or WhatsApp.
Set up easy integration and send notifications using Messaggio Platform.

YCLIENTS is an online scheduling, automation and business management platform in the service industry. Integration of Messaggio and YCLIENTS will allow you to send SMS, Viber, messages to the clients. Cascading messaging are also possible: first in Viber, and then in SMS, if delivery to Viber failed.

Customer notifications

  • Message with an authorization code
  • Order status notification
  • Payment notification
  • Message with a tracking number to track the delivery of goods
  • Delivery Status Notification
  • Notification of new products, discounts and promotions

Administrator notifications

    • Message with an authorization code
    • Product availability notification

Integration options

    • Sending SMS, Viber messages on behalf of your brand
    • Personalizing messages with variables
    • Quick plugin setup
    • Technical support and assistance with setup
To configure the sending from YCLIENTS, you must have an account with Messaggio. Confirm the offer agreement in your Messaggio dashboard, register the Sender’s ID on the desired channel, for example, in SMS, and top up the balance. Connect the Messaggio plugin to YCLIENTS and complete the integration by specifying the settings. Find out more information in the detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting Messaggio to YCLIENTS.
  • Channels

    SMS, Viber

  • Language

    Russian, English

  • Region

    Russia, Ukraine

  • Vendor


Frequently asked questions about messaging from YCLIENTS

Here are collected the most frequently asked questions about Messaggio plugin for YCLIENTS.

You can also check out the Messaggio Knowledge Base to learn more about sending SMS, Viber and WhatsApp.

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Плагин для отправки SMS через Messaggio абсолютно бесплатный.

Посмотреть инструкцию по установке

Плагин Messaggio может быть установлен на аккаунте Yclients с любым тарифным планом.

Посмотреть тарифные планы

Вы можете посмотреть тарифы на триггерные SMS в разделе Цены.

Перейти в раздел Цены


YCLIENTS вырос из осознания одной простой истины: владельцы малого бизнеса должны заниматься тем, что действительно нравится и что приносит реальный результат. С самой первой версии YCLIENTS стремится превратить это видение в технологию, которая объединит сотни тысяч предпринимателей вокруг единого стандарта ведения бизнеса и сделает их жизнь лучше.

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