How to Organise your Multi-Channel Messaging Marketing Strategy?


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Many companies use multichannel messaging to manage their communication with their customers, leaving most of these channels to be managed by a Reliable and Professional Messaging Service Provider. The result of this strategy is that different messages are sent to customers through multichannel. Instead of spamming users with irrelevant information across multichannel, companies should start addressing their customers’ personal needs and interests while centrally managing them. If you do not comply with the preferences and interests of your user, your user is more likely to opt-out of any communication that connects you directly to your user.

Customers have all the power in today’s age day, leaving sellers continually trying to compete with each other to get the necessary end result, which is, of course, to bring back the customer and consider them when planning future purchases. To adapt to this reality, businesses must endeavour to make access to their site as easy as possible for customers. This is made possible by plain orchestration of all your communication on centralized multichannel so that you can interact with your users in the most effective way possible.

Why Should You Utilize Automation Through Multi-Channels?

Value has more to do with qualified leads being there, rather than selling the best in the industry. Thus, a rise in customer retention results. This is vital because even an increase in customer retention by five per cent can increase profits by 25-95%. If this figure hasn’t sold you already, just know that it costs five to twenty-five times extra to get a new customer than it takes to keep the one you already have. Therefore, keeping your existing customers engaged through multichannel messaging is very important.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Messaging for Marketing

The omnichannel messaging or multichannel messaging is vital for your marketing strategy. It allows you to:

  • Gain more customers on channels that they prefer;
  • Drive more traffic to your website / app, thus generating more revenue;
  • Engage with users who choose not to share their personal details via a push notification channel;
  • Create a customer interaction journey via scenarios and templates generated for each channel to be delivered to each user at the best possible time;
  • Refine your pitches and learn how to best communicate with your customers at a more intimate level, through testing and machine learning;
  • Engage your customers in a less intimidating way.

Different Methods of Multi-Channel Messaging for Marketing

1. SMS Marketing

98 per cent of all text messages are opened, offering you a direct contact with your customers, guaranteeing they’ll read it quickly. Multichannel Messaging is an intimate tool — it relates to close relation (giving customers a reason to stick with you). With the help of a reliable messaging service provider like Messaggio, you can reap several benefits as mentioned below.

  • Messaggio can send automated and customized text messages to each customer based on their actions X hours after leaving the website.
  • Speed and convenience are essential — therefore, you get instant access to everything.
  • If you use email marketing, customers will benefit immensely from receiving an SMS reminder that they have received an email containing specific information.

2. Web Push Notifications

Web push notification is a one-click process in which customers are redirected to your site. You can also send them these notifications directly to your customer’s device at any time, even if they are not on your website. You can use this service to:

  • Give important sales alerts, in and out of stock supply, big sale alerts, price and cart drop reminders.
  • Program notifications.
  • Quickly reach customers in real-time via mobile and desktop.
  • Improve customer experience without asking personal information such as an email – by just clicking enable, it is sufficient to start sending push notifications.

3. App Push Notifications

App Push Notifications are targeted notifications that can really bring people back at the right time and ensure your service is not forgotten. These are mostly the same as web push notifications, except they are sent for the app. They help reel customers back in by giving them a reason to come, sometimes all it takes is that extra push

Integrating Multichannel Messaging Strategy

In today’s society, up to 20 impressions can be made across multiple marketing channels to convince potential customers to take action. Some companies emphasise that they compel their customers by repeating a message, but that’s not the case. Most of the time, customers will not read the full content sent to them, but only by receiving these automated messages will they will get curious. Users have to see the message that you are trying to convey multiple times before they actually start paying attention to it. This can be done quickly through consistent messaging across multi-channels.

It is predicted that customers are likely to interact with at least two of the many marketing channels offered, so Messaggio will ensure that your promotion is consistent across all messaging channels. With robust content, this will make your brand unforgettable. When viewing automated messages, people look for products and information that is of personal interest to them. By the way, you can improve the interaction with your customers using bots. For example, using Viber bot.
Messaggio is in a position to meet these needs after obtaining permission from the user and targeting the customers according to their interests, ultimately bringing your customer back.

So, start marketing your brand over multichannel by signing up for Messaggio today!

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