10 Universal Reasons to Send Mass SMS Texts to your Clients


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Bulk SMS texting is one of the most reliable tools in digital marketing. The open rate for incoming SMS texts is 98%, and conversion can reach a rate of 45%.

We go over the strengths of mass SMS texting for business and provide 10 reasons to send SMS to clients.

Marketing potential of mass SMS texts for business: facts and figures

  • Recognition. Brands register a unique SMS Sender ID that must be pre-approved by mobile carriers. The name will show up in the SMS inbox of the client, even if the brand isn’t saved as a contact.
  • Demand. 91% of users don’t mind signing up for mass texting campaigns from brands. 75% — would like to receive special offers precisely in the SMS format. 50% — would opt in for an SMS mass texting if a brand promises to send discounts, good deals, and info about sales. 48% — prefer SMS to other types of messages from the brand, including email (22%), app notifs (20%), and others (8%). The open Rate for marketing SMS messages is 98%.
  • Attainability. 8,6 billion people use mobile carrier services: which means that roughly the same amount of users can receive SMS. SMS are convenient: to receive them, one doesn’t need to install extra apps, spend mobile data, or have a positive balance. Smartphones are not necessary either: SMS can be received by all types of cellphones.
  • Effectiveness. 97% of businesses have voted that bulk SMS texting positively affected their engagement with clients. 96% — said that SMS texting helped them with growing revenue.
Statistics on the usage of mass SMS texting for business

Types of mass SMS messaging

The success of a bulk SMS texting heavily relies on targeting a certain audience:

  1. There are universal, multi-purpose text messages that can be sent to the entire client database at once — for example, to tell clients about a big sale, to alert them about non-working days on holidays, or to inform them about new services.
  2. There are text messages that are relevant for a certain segment of the client base — for instance, regular customers, loyalty program members, warm leads, and so on.

In both cases mass SMS texting can be personalized, as well as made more relevant: for instance by addressing every client by the name, inserting the required dates, sums, or contacts; sending discount codes and links to new information.

Those cases call for convenient SMS text generators — like Messaggio. They only require importing a client database file through your account and setting variable data types. Then you can use the generator to create a text template: the variables will be inserted automatically. Now you can copy the template and insert it into your dashboard — and the bulk texting is ready to go.

10 scenarios for mass SMS texting — with message examples

1. Scenario: private sale/special offer for regular clients

Example №1
The goal is to become a part of a seasonal event for drivers: switching to winter tires. Seasonal tires are required in many countries, so the offer is relevant for the majority of vehicle owners. Considering the high competition levels, the company presents the offer in the form of a private sale; the significant discount is offered to the entire client base, however, the promo code, the campaign deadline, and the addressing by name create the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect.

Example №2
Bulk texting to a segment of the client base that’s interested in certain product categories and brands, the names of which can be inserted as variables. The focus is on the clients who have bought products from those categories before and are familiar with them.

Examples of mass SMS messaging for regular clients: private sale/special offer
2. Scenario: winning back clients from a specific segment

Example №1
A bulk SMS relevant for a segment of clients who used the product some time ago: in this case, during the vacation season. The offer contains the opportunity to cut vacation trip spending by using the brand’s bonuses. The bonuses aren’t supposed to expire throughout the nearest holiday season: the client will be able to spend them anytime, not just on accommodations, but on transportation, and entertainment.

Example №2
A mass texting session for clients who have kids in elementary and secondary schools is launched several days before the school year starts; this is the time when parents especially value time, nerves, and money. At the same time, the priority is to customers who have bought clothes in the medium or high price category at least once in this store chain.

Examples of SMS messaging for winning back clients from a specific segment
3. Scenario: exclusive limited offer

Example №1
A collaboration with media personalities implies active interest from the entirety of the client base, therefore the offer doesn’t use name variables or campaign deadlines. The client realizes that a limited offer means “competing” with other customers. At the same time, an SMS text from this specific store shows care for the client even with no personalization in place: the product may arrive to other sellers too, but this store was fast enough to announce it first.

Example №2
The goal of this mass texting campaign is to sell an extensive basic course, which will not only be a good deal for the client (in-demand skills + big discount) but will also allow to offer them related courses in the future.

Examples of SMS messaging: exclusive limited offer
4. Scenario: change of monthly subscription fee/changes in the terms of use

Example №1
The goal is to cover the entire customer base at the same time and maintain consumer loyalty as much as possible by warning them in advance about price increases and offering bonuses and gifts as compensation.

Addressing by name, in this case, bears a risk of confusing the client — they know that thousands of subscribers use the provider’s services on equal terms, and a personal appeal may seem like being singled out of the majority as if the increase in prices was just for that client.

Example №2
The bulk texting campaign is sent to all users who have agreed to the previous conditions, with the particular goal to continue contacting them legally. In this case, addressing by name increases trust, since the message is associated with personal data.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: change of monthly subscription fee/changes in the terms of use
5. Scenario: an anticipated season sale/season promo

Example №1
Black Friday sales are one of the most anticipated annual events in commerce, and buyers prepare for bargain deals in advance. At the same time, in 2021 almost 43% of Black Friday purchases were already made through smartphones. The SMS offer makes it possible to catch large discounts without leaving home, and the bonus in the form of a win-win lottery reduces the chance of leaving for competitors.

Example №2
Here you have the seasonal version of the 1+1 = 3 offer that this company does regularly: meaning that the SMS informs the customers about a sale promotion they wait for every month. The product category here lands in the peak of the summer holiday time, which makes it especially relevant. The mass texting campaign can also be viewed as pre-planned situational marketing: the middle of summer is perceived as the peak of solar activity when sunscreens are especially relevant.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: an anticipated season sale/season promo
6. Scenario: situational marketing

Example №1
A spontaneous SMS campaign that is launched when the weather unexpectedly turned bad. The brand uses the situation, offering a good deal and convenient help to the clients who hadn’t checked the forecast or couldn’t carry out their plans. Free super-fast delivery with no minimum order works as a stress-reducing factor.

Example №2
Preplanned mass SMS texting that is sent to clients who are the most active in the early morning: those peaks in activity are determined via statistics.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: situational marketing
7. Scenario: the offer of the week for loyalty program participants/motivation for joining the loyalty program

Example №1
Mass SMS texting to the loyalty program segment of the client base. Allows to reach regular or warm customers, as well as win back old ones. The offer is different from a typical business lunch deal: the big discount is applied not just for a meal set or selected dishes, but for the entire menu. The mandatory condition — to show a loyalty program card — subconsciously “lets” the customer in front of the queue.

Example №2
A mass texting campaign can both introduce a new loyalty program to the entire base and motivate existing clients to join the already existing one. The offer begins with great terms that few competitors have; at the same time, one can’t join the program remotely — a visit to the salon is required.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: for loyalty program participants/motivation for joining it
8. Scenario: introducing a new product

Example №1
The acquaintance with a new product starts with an offer and a promise of a high-valued gift. The goal is to interest even the clients who are still unfamiliar with the brokerage account concept.

Example №2
A clear and concise menu presentation with an effective call to check the fresh new position with a great discount just in time for dinner.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: introducing a new product
9. Scenario: total sale/closeout sale

Example №1
The goal of the mass texting campaign is to attract as many customers as possible to the offline store, where they can buy the remnants of the old collection, as well as explore the new one.

Example №2
This bulk SMS scenario doesn’t mention sale deadlines since stock liquidation implies selling til the last item for discounted prices. However, a website isn’t mentioned either: this helps with bringing customers right into the offline store so they could browse the products there, with reduced risk of reconsidering.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: total sale/closeout sale
10. Scenario: relocating/opening a new spot

Example №1
Mass texting in order to retain clients through informing them: the SMS is sent to the entire base, but addressing each customer by name adds value. The gift is promised only during one particular day of the housewarming celebration, which raises interest, and the map that navigates the way to the new location makes the task easier in advance — the client doesn’t need to waste time looking for it.

Example №2
The news about the new, conveniently located pet shop is meant for the entire base but contains an additional offer for the clients who love to take pictures of their pets. The link leads to the contest that will help the brand with boosting its social media outreach.

Examples of mass SMS messaging: relocating/opening a new spot
Checklist for bulk SMS texting as a company: relocating/opening a new spot
  • Your contact base must only consist of the clients who consented to engage with your brand, including receiving SMS texts. Otherwise, not just the brand’s reputation but its entire existence will be in jeopardy: users will start submitting spam or unsolicited messages;
  • Don’t send bulk texts too often. Even regular clients will start perceiving SMS messages from the same brand as spam after getting multiple per week. On more than 60% of occasions this ends up with unsubscribing;
  • Don’t forget to add a CTA (Call to action) to every mass texting: it’s necessary for conversion.

How Messaggio helps to create effective mass SMS texting

Messaggio is the platform that helps brands to launch mass SMS texting. The service strictly uses the whitehat methods — Messaggio is working directly with mobile carriers. Mass texting can be operating from the convenient personal dashboard or via your own CRM or CMS, by integrating the technology via API or the plugin.

Messaggio’s functionality allows, among other things, to register an official Sender ID, plan bulk SMS texting in certain intervals, segment a contact base, and send inbound messages when a client is the most active.

Text generator by Messaggio abilities:

  • Swift launch of a bulk texting campaign. Messages can be created by using ready-made templates, which are adaptable for specific content plans
    • Choose a sphere to see relevant templates
    • Fill in the short form: brand name, address, phone number, and website. The generator will put it in templates
    • Copy the mass messaging texts you need from the results and add them to your messages template in the Messaggio dashboard.
      Those texts can also be manually tailored right in the generator window while keeping the eye on the number of characters and SMS segments shown in the automated counter.
  • Seamless messages. A standard SMS text is limited to 160 characters, but businesses often require more for one mass texting campaign. Messaggio concatenates multiple SMS into one and sends it to clients’ phones as a single big message;
  • 12 variables. From a client’s name from the database to the required sums, dates, and unique promo codes.

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