User Identity Verification
A simple, easy solution

KYC Match allows Service Providers (SPs) to compare their own information on a particular user – name, address, etc. — with information collected and verified by the user’s Operator in their KYC1 records

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How does it work?
  • The SP uses Mobile Connect OIDC API to request the KYC Match service. This includes the information they are asking the Operator to check against their records.
  • The Operator gains consent from the User via the mobile device and processes the SP’s request, performing the comparison requested.
  • If the User consents, their operator will compare their own records and against the information received from the SP and return a True or False result for each attribute.
How is it used?
  • Simple enrolment using previously supplied User data held by the Operator.
  • Fully compliant with regulations, ID checks verified.
  • User identification to Call Centre or Corporate.
  • For banking and new users KYC Refresh provides remote ID & verification.
  • Online gambling – provides Anti-money laundering (AML) check.
  • Basic compliance checking for small value money transfers.
  • Mobile wallet card enrolment and ID verification.
Benefits and Features
  • Easy to use method allowing SP to perform KYC checks with no inconvenience for the user.
  • Information can be shared via plain text or hashed form. Protects user privacy.
  • Assists in fraud mitigation and prevents data entry errors by accessing and comparing the Operator’s verified user information.
  • Maintains Privacy: No user information is shared with the SP. An operator will only compare data and return a result.
  • Flexible – the system supports different methods of obtaining user consent.
  • Omni-channel: May be used regardless of how the user interacts with the SP. Works with tablet, PC, mobile, etc.
  • Can be initiated by the user on their own browser when entering the SP’s website. Alternatively the SP can run it in the background, making it available for many other different use cases.
  • Single contract to access the service and a single open standard API (OIDC) from multiple operators worldwide.
  • Flexibility – case by case criteria allows additional information to be made available from the operator eg, if the device was lost or stolen, if the account is inactive or active, billing segment, etc.